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Wild Travels host Will Clinger has worked as an actor, producer, writer and TV show host and has appeared on various stages and screens for more than 20 years.

Host Will Clinger finds an abundance of lactose-tolerance at Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin; treads very carefully at the world's largest Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas; investigates America's last remaining Barber Pole Factory in St. Paul; learns the challenges of living on a 727 jetliner in Hillsboro, Oregon; samples some of the more than five thousand condiments at the National Mustard Museum; and visits the ultimate Roadside Attraction: Rock In the House (not to be confused with House on the Rock) in Fountain City, Wisconsin. Cheese Days (Monroe, WI); Rock In The House [Not House On The Rock] (Fountain City, WI); Rattlesnake Roundup (Sweetwater, TX); Marvy Barber Pole Company (St. Paul, MN); World's Largest Six-Pack (Lacrosse, WI); Home In a 727 Jet (Hillsboro, OR); Mustard Museum (Middleton, WI).

In Las Vegas, host Will Clinger pays homage to the iconic signs of yesteryear at the Neon Boneyard, and then witnesses a miracle cure at Hangover Heaven; proceeds to Los Angeles to sample the potions, hexes and voodoo dolls at Farmacia Botanica; browses the rockets and sprockets at Sparta, Wisconsin's Deke Slayton Space & Bicycle Museum, then joins the revved up crowd at America's largest Art Car Parade in Houston. Art Car Party & Parade (Houston, TX); Farmacia Botanica (Los Angeles, CA); Angels Flight Funicular (Los Angeles, CA); Neon Boneyard (Las Vegas); Hangover Doctor (Las Vegas); Deke Slayton Space & Bicycle Museum (Sparta, WI).

Host Will Clinger stares in amazement at the largest airplane ever built - Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" on display in McMinnville, Oregon; witnesses some strange things indeed at Portland's Peculiarium; marvels at Marv's incredible collection of Farm Toys in Wisconsin; admires the aluminum siding at Houston's Beer Can House and then pulls over for gas station memorabilia at Classical Gas in Embudo, New Mexico. Fill 'er up! Spruce Goose (McMinnville, OR); Peculiarium (Portland, OR); Beer Can House (Houston, TX); Classical Gas Station (Embudo, NM); Marv's Farm Toys & Antiques (Monroe, WI); Evergreen Aviation (McMinnville, OR).

Host Will Clinger returns to Sin City for an explosive tour of the National Atomic Testing Museum, and plays classic machines at Las Vegas' Pinball Hall of Fame; watches a parade that doesn't move an inch in Whalan, Minnesota; goes souvenir hunting at the Los Angeles Coroner's Gift Shop; then follows his nose to Baumgartrner's Cheese Shop in Monroe, Wisconsin for limburger sandwiches and finds out why all that cash is stashed on the ceiling. Stand Still Parade (Whalan, MN); Atomic Testing Museum (Las Vegas); Golden Gate Casino Shrimp Cocktail (Las Vegas); Chicken Boy (Los Angeles); Coroner's Gift Shop (Los Angeles); Baumgartner's Limburger Sandwiches (Monroe, WI); Pinball Hall Of Fame (Las Vegas).

Host Will Clinger offers his condolences at Houston's Museum of Funeral Customs; celebrates the weird and wonderful world of sculptor Dr. Evermor near Baraboo, Wisconsin; craves the collection of half-eaten celebrity sandwiches in the Land of Lincoln; discovers who Ed was and why Wykoff, Minnesota gave him his own museum; and drops in on a Portland, Oregon donut shop to play witness at a VooDoo Wedding. Ed Museum (Wykoff, MN); Ed Paschke Art Gallery (Chicago, IL); Strange Springfield--Donner Party Starting Point, Gen Santa Anna's Prosthetic Leg, Half-Eaten Celebrity Sandwiches, Two-Story Outhouse (Springfield, IL); Funeral Museum (Houston, TX); Dennis Hopper's Grave (Taos, NM); The Amazing World of Dr. Evermor (North Freedom, WI); Voodoo Donuts Wedding (Portland, OR).

Host Will Clinger looks on with envy at the World Beard & Mustache Championship in Portland, then quenches his thirst at nearby Belmont Station beer store boasting some bizarre brews; unearths the Lost Egyptian city from Cecil B. DeMille's classic "Ten Commandments" beneath the sand dunes on the California coast; visits the elephant seals for their siesta in San Simeon, and explores a lively Los Angeles museum devoted solely to Death. Beard & Mustache World Championship Preliminaries (Portland, OR); Salt & Straw Ice Cream (Portland, OR); Museum Of Death (Los Angeles); Elephant Seal Siesta (San Simeon, CA); Buried Egyptian Movie Set from 1923 "The Ten Commandments" (Guadalupe, CA); Beard & Mustache World Championship Finals (Portland, OR).


The Emmy-winning Wild Travels goes off the beaten track to celebrate America's unusual festivals, offbeat museums and eccentric characters.

Host Will Clinger spotlights some of the nation's most colorful, unconventional and quirky people and places while sampling a few of the 5,000 condiments at the National Mustard Museum, unearthing the lost Egyptian city from Cecil B. DeMille's classic "Ten Commandments" beneath the sand dunes on the California coast; and stares in amazement at the largest airplane ever built — Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" — on display in McMinnville, Oregon.

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