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Holiday Table with Chris Fennimore and Dede Wilson

Holiday Table with Chris Fennimore and Dede Wilson

Chris Fennimore

Veteran TV programmer Chris Fennimore has hosted more than 35 live cooking marathons. He also serves as a food columnist for Pittsburgh magazine and writes a Sunday feature column for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Dede Wilson

Dede Wilson is a self-taught pastry chef whose specialties include chocolate work and wedding cakes. She has worked professionally for more than 10 years as a restaurant pastry chef, bakery owner, columnist, author, caterer and recipe developer.

Halloween Haunt, Part I: Ghoulish Tastings
From the spicy to the spooky, Chris Fennimore and Dede Wilson are brewing up concoctions for a frighteningly unforgettable Halloween extravaganza. Style expert Ed Lent creates a bewitching Halloween table for guests -- providing they don't mind sharing with tarantulas and ghosts.Hot & Spicy Bat Wings; Spooky Sandwiches; Dracula's Nori Rolls; Bloody Mary Soup; Shortbread Witches' Fingers.

Halloween Haunt, Part II: Pumpkin Fest
After a primer in toasting pumpkin seeds in different flavors, Dede and Chris are making two great pumpkin dishes. Tabletop guru Edward Lent demonstrates how to bring the beautiful colors of fall into the dining room.Pumpkin Ragout with Shell Pasta & Ricotta Served in Pumpkin Shell' Chocolate Spider Pumpkin Cupcakes.

The Best Sides of Thanksgiving
Dede and Chris have recipes for some irresistible and tantalizing Thanksgiving sides that just might put turkey on the back platter. Design trend-setter and best-selling author, Carolyne Roehm, shows how to design a beautiful Thanksgiving table.Chris' Very Favorite Sweet Potato Souffle; Sweet and Sour Brussels Sprouts with Bacon; Potato and Camembert Terrine; Green Beans with Balsamic-Glazed Red Onions.

Turkeys from the Pros
Two of Chicago's top chefs -- Tony Mantuano and Jimmy Bannos -- share their secrets for making succulent turkey and fabulous dressings at home. Isabelle von Boch creates a harvest-inspired Thanksgiving table.Turkey with Grappa and Gremolata; Tony Mantuano's Italian Thanksgiving Stuffing; Cajun Turkey Breast; Andouille Sausage Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing.

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Pies
De-stress your Thanksgiving with delicious pies that come together in minutes, including an easy-to-make pumpkin ice cream pie with a ginger cookie crust. Carolyne Roehm kicks off the holiday season with easy tips for wrapping presents, even for the bow-tying challenged.Chocolate Pecan Caramel Pie; The Great American Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie; Apple Pie with Craisins & Walnuts.

Giving at the Holiday Table
Tis the season of giving, so why not throw a dinner party where guests contribute to a favorite cause instead of exchanging gifts. Dede and Chris have great ideas for a "small bites" dinner party with bite-size wonders that will suit any occasion. Carolyne Roehm creates a beautiful all-pink table for a "Cook for the Cure" dinner party.Pacific Northwest Gravlax; Roasted Vegetable Terrine; Homemade Onion Dip; Asiago Cheese Crisps; Pigs in a Blanket.

Gifts from the Kitchen
Homemade gifts touch the heart and feed the soul. Dede and Chris present easy, imaginative gift ideas, from spiced nuts and truffles to cheese balls and mulled wine. Maria McBride has innovative ideas for packaging your homemade gifts with creativity and flair.Spiced Nuts; Crispy Almond Cheese Ball; Cocoa Bean Bittersweet Truffle; Cookies in a Jar; Spiced Mixed Olives; Citrus Mulled Wine.

Joan Nathan, America's leading author on Jewish cooking, is preparing Chanukah favorites, including everyone's favorite, crispy potato latkes. Style guru Carolyne Roehm sets a beautiful blue and white table, perfect for Chanukah or any occasion.The Ultimate Potato Pancake; Homemade Apple Sauce; Fruited Brisket; Orange, Date and Nut Cake.

Special guest and author Harriette Cole explains the rich traditions behind Kwaanza, now celebrated by African-American households to honor their African cultural heritage. Harriette and Chris cook up some delicious recipes perfect for a Kwaanza feast.Sesame Crisp Crackers; West African Ground Nut Stew; South Side Okra and Tomatoe.

Christmas Brunch
For a special Christmas culinary celebration, Dede and Chris are serving food to be enjoyed while unwrapping presents. Tabletop expert, Isabelle von Boch has some great ideas for putting style and pizzazz into your holiday table.Apple Croissant Bread Pudding with Cranberries; Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata; Broiled Grapefruit; Oven Baked Bacon with Mustard Brown Sugar; Chocolate Waffles.

Christmas Dinner Greek Style
Star chef Jim Botsacos from New York City's acclaimed Molyvos Restaurant makes Christmas dinner Greek style with dishes that will turn any Christmas table into a memorable feast. Maria McBride presents inexpensive ways to make a holiday table sparkle.Taramasalata; Spanikopita (Spinach Pie); Roasted Leg of Lamb with Marinated Tomatoes.

Culinary Countdown
Spaniards eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight while the French eat a stack of pancakes - both good luck customs for the New Year. There is more deliciously lucky food cooking up in Chris' and Dede's kitchen, and Isabelle von Boch creates a lucky table to kick off the New Year.Hoppin John; Pork and Lentil Stew; Homemade Donuts.

The Romance of Food
Chris and Dede are celebrating Valentine's with a sumptuous menu laden with aphrodisiacs such as oysters, asparagus, and figs. Tabletop guru Ed Lent creates a seductive table for the ultimate romantic dinner.Asparagus and Brie Soup; Oysters Baked on Rock Salt; Angels on Horseback; Fresh Fig, Proscuitto, and Arugula Salad with Parmesan Shavings.


Cook your way through any celebration with suggestions from The Holiday Table With Chris Fennimore and Dede Wilson.

Whether it’s Christmas, Kwaanza, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or even Halloween, Chris and DeDe can help you spruce up your next gathering. From preparing seasonal dishes to spectacular table settings, these expert party throwers offer step-by-step guidelines on hosting a holiday celebration your guests will never forget.

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