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Kevin Dundon's Back to Basics

Kevin Dundon's Back to Basics

Kevin Dundon

Kevin Dundon is a veritable one-stop shop for Irish cooking. He’s the chef and proprietor of Ireland’s four-star Dunbrody Country House Hotel & Restaurant, Cookery School and Spa; one of Ireland’s top celebrity chefs; signature chef of Downtown Disney World’s Raglan Road Irish Gastropub; and a primetime cooking show regular.

The importance of eggs in everyday cooking; a visit to The Friendly Farmer chicken farm to see how they are taking organic egg production to a new level; the unique fruits produced in Wexford. Recipes include: Hollandaise Sauce; Eggs Benedict; Two Cheese Omelet; Goat Cheese and Basil Scrambled Eggs; Meringues; and Raspberry Soufflé.

Kevin explores the history of pastries and modern updates to sweet and savory versions; we explore the history of Dunbrody Country House and its kitchen garden. Recipes include: Shortcrust Pastry; Garden Vegetable Flan; Suet Pastry; Steak and Kidney Pie; Choux Pastry; and Chocolate Éclairs.

Getting the basic sauces right to transform any dish; a visit to the Anthenry Cattle Mart to learn the history of beef production in Ireland. Recipes include: Basic Roux; Chicken Blanquette; Mayonnaise/Coleslaw; Salad Vinaigrette; Courgette & Feta Pasta Salad; Tomato Sauce; and Beef Lasagne.

Meat & Game
The history of Ireland’s cattle fairs - once a central part of rural and urban life - is modernized at the Cattle Mart, where Kevin explores the different types of lamb breeds; a visit to Kevin’s garden and pigpen. Recipes include: Beef & Lamb Stock; Navarin of Lamb; Perfect Steak; Perfect Roast Potato; Roast Beef; Roast Potatoes and Gravy; and Fillet of Pork with a Black Olive Tapenade.

Kevin demonstrates how to joint a chicken; a visit to a local chicken farm with a unique rearing style; Kevin cooks a big family barbecue. Recipes include: Coq au Vin; Chicken Stock; Chicken Risotto; Marie Rose Sauce; and Chilli Salted Chicken Wings.

Kevin celebrates the abundance of great fish off the Irish coastlines and waterways; a visit to a Wexford river where a local fisherman demonstrates an ancient fishing technique known as wier fishing; he also catches a couple of fish with his old friend Walter. Recipes include: Fish Gougons with Chunky Chips; Fillet a Flat Fish; Pan Fried Fillet of Lemon Sole; Fish Stock; and Bouillabaisse.

Breads & Baking
Baking bread at Dunbrody with new and interesting recipes, including gluten-free; a visit to a flour mill for the history behind flour production and transportation. Recipes include: White Soda Bread with Sultanas; Gluten-Free Bread; Wholemeal Brown Bread; Victoria Sponge with Strawberries; Toffee Sauce; and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Back to basics baking is revitalized with the use of variations on chocolate; a visit to a chocolate boutique to discover more about where chocolate comes from and some of its health benefits; melting and tempering chocolate. Recipes include: Mendiants; Yogurt Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream; Chocolate Fondant; and Chocolate Opera Cake.


Award-winning Irish chef Kevin Dundon (Kevin Dundon’s Modern Irish Food) invites viewers to his four-star Dunbrody Country House Hotel & Restaurant and the beautiful countryside of Ireland to help home chefs master key culinary skills. Kevin demonstrates easy and straightforward cooking while offering step-by-step methods, hints, tips and tricks of the trade. Each half-hour episode of Kevin Dundon's Back to Basics covers a key ingredient, type of food or fundamental technique. From poaching eggs and mastering a soufflé to whipping up a quick supper or a big Sunday lunch for friends and family, Kevin prepares recipes for a variety of occasions. He also takes viewers behind the scenes at some of Ireland's best food sources — an organic farm, a flour mill, a cattle mart, a chocolate supplier and more.

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