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Cooking Odyssey

Cooking Odyssey

Yannis Mameletzis

"Chef Yannis" has a passion and expertise in Mediterranean cuisine and Greek pastries. As a public health scientist, he is an advocate of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and keen to spread the gospel of authentic Greek whole foods to communities across America.

Santorini - Part 1
Santorini, a cluster of islands created by a volcanic eruption in 3600 BC is home to a unique eco system and amazing food. Chef Yanni learns about local wines and teaches us how to bake a whole fish, fava and a cheese mousse dessert.

Santorini - Part 2
Santorini, rumored to have the most beautiful sunsets in the world, is also known for its culinary delights. Chef Yianni demonstrates how to make an octopus & eggplant salad, a traditional Greek salad and kolokithokeftedes or simply, zucchini fritters.

Mykonos - Part 1
Join Chef Yianni as he explores the sandy coast, windmills, and food of Mykonos and demonstrates how to make "Mostra", a traditional Mykonian appetizer, and a Greek Risotto with scallops.

Mykonos - Part 2
Mykonos' trademark windmills portray the innovation of the locals, and food is no exception. Chef Yianni demonstrates how to make a light summer meal of grilled cuttlefish accompanied by various salads.

While in Paros, Chef Yianni gets a lesson in cheese making, local traditions and has an evening of singing and dancing. Chef Yianni demonstrates how to make "Krithoto", orzo with squid and saffron, and "Revithia", traditional baked chickpeas.

Chef Yianni explores Naxos and discovers a restaurant committed to using local organic products, visits a distillery established in 1896 and demonstrates how to make a stuffed pork loin with potatoes and a tart made with figs and cheese.

Kea, or Tzia as it also known, is a small island located an hour from Athens by ferry, discovers an all organic farm and Pasteli, a healthy on the go snack. Chef Yianni makes the local specialty "Paspala" and "Spanakorizo".

In the birthplace of democracy, Chef Yianni explores Athens and cooks his Aunt's beef stew with eggplant and zucchini, and special guest Francois Payard demonstrates how to make his Greek Napoleon.

Skiathos was made famous by Mamma Mia, but Chef Yianni discovers there is more to Skiathos than Hollywood. Join Chef Yianni as he teaches us how to make a baked whole fish with tomato and onion sauce, bulgur wheat and amigdalota.

Chef Yianni visits Volo/Pylio, takes a train ride on the oldest rail in all of Europe and teaches us how to make Spetsofai (Greek sausage and peppers) and an easy dessert of Greek yogurt and Glyka tou Koutaliou (spoon sweets).

Chef Yianni explores the monasteries of Meteora that seem to be suspended in air dances at a Greek festival in Trikala and demonstrates how to make Hortopita, Souvlakia, and Tzatziki.

Chef Yianni experiences a traditional way of life that has stood the test of time when he visits Metsovo. Chef Yianni demonstrates how to make Bouyourdi, Greek lamb with roasted potatoes and Halva.

Chef Yianni explores Lefkada and discovers its world famous beach Porto Katsiki and demonstrates how to make Batzaria Salata (beet salad), Bakaliaro and Skordalia (Cod with Garlic Sauce) and Giaourtopita.

Thessaloniki - Part 1
Eva takes us to the capital of the prefecture of central Macedonia, and her hometown, and Chef Yianni makes a feta & eggplant appetizer and bakaliaro fricasse with a little help from Eva.

Thessaloniki - Part 2
Eva vists the museum of Byzantine culture explores a vineyard with one of the largest corkscrew collections in Europe and discovers a Jewish museum in northern Greece, and Chef Yianni makes a unique Byzantine inspired dessert.

Eva visits a beautiful seaside resort and a traditional village with a history that spans 28 centuries and Chef Yanni makes sea bass with artichokes and potatoes, mushroom risotto and galaktoboureko with a twist.

Eva visits the city of democracy and a unique eco-friendly store, and Chef Yianni along with a guest chef make loukanopita, roasted leg of lamb and loukoumades.

Eva explores the mountain of the 12 ancient Greek gods and a vineyard with a unique selection of wines and Chef Yianni makes stifatho, moustalevria and spanakopita

Eva visits a popular winter destination and the ski mecca of Greece, learns about the local cheese called formaella, and Chef Yiannis makes kokoras krasatos and karidato.

Eva visits a city in northern Greece with a long history and a unique product called krokos and Chef Yianni makes yiaprakia, baked chicken and rice with krokos and a refreshing krokos beverage.

Hersonisos and Ag. Nikolaos
Eva makes a day trip to a little island with a unique history and explores a teaching museum while Chef Yianni makes kalitsounia, bakaliaros with revithia and rakomelo.

Eva explores medieval villages, tours a winery that has brought an almost extinct variety of grapes back and discovers a product only cultivated on this island while Chef Yianni and a guest make a simple pomegranate salad and fresh hand rolled pasta

Eva visits ancient Minoan ruins, learns how to make raki and celebrates with mantinades while Chef Yianni makes a pomegranate salad, ksinohondros me melitzana and raki infused clams.

Eva explores the land of vendettas and discovers an agro-tourism getaway and Chef Yianni makes a simple pork, orange and honey appetizer and a dessert that lends a modern twist to the classic baklava.

Eva explores an ancient Venetian castle located in a town known for honoring their ancestors, their traditions and most of all their hospitality.

Eva visits a monastery with a special link to the Greek revolution, and a historical village that was restored after the discovery of an old olive press.


Hosted by chef Yannis Mameletzis, this culinary television series showcases the wondrous sights, sounds and tastes of Greece.

Embark on a Grecian odyssey to explore the rich and authentic tastes and history of Greek cuisine.

Learn about Greek cuisine and history through the locals from each place that is visited with special simple-to-follow cooking demonstrations.

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