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Bare Feet In NYC with Mickela Mallozzi

Bare Feet In NYC with Mickela Mallozzi

Mickela Mallozzi

Dancer Mickela Mallozzi hosts Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, a travel series that highlights Mickela’s adventures as she experiences the world, one dance at a time.

Manhattan's Chinatown
Mickela kicks off her New York series in one of the oldest and most iconic neighborhoods in NYC, Manhattan's Chinatown, during the festive time of Chinese Lunar New Year.

The Balkans in the Boroughs
Mickela gets a taste of The Balkans throughout three of the five boroughs: Slavic Soul Party! In Brooklyn, NY Gypsy Festival in Manhattan, and Little Serbia in Queens.

Viva La Mexico!
In preparation for Dia de los Muertos with the Mexican community in NYC, Mickela learns traditional folk dance and even jumps in with an all-female mariachi band.

The Lights of Broadway
Mickela can't ignore New York's rich history on Broadway - with tap lessons galore and a spot on Broadway's stage, Mickela gets to live out a New York dancer's dream.

Little Greece
Mickela celebrates the annual St. Nicholas feast with the Greek-American community in Queens, while also finding local heroes who keep the Greek culture alive.

Celebrating India
The Festival of Lights leads up to some major Indian dance in NYC: classical Bharatanatyam, Basement Bhangra with DJ Rekha, & South St. Seaport's annual celebration.

Little Ukraine
Little Ukraine is a small 3-block gem in Manhattan's East Village: from celebrating Pierogi Day to jumping splits with Ukrainian dancers, Mickela gets a taste of it all.

Harlem, USA
Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan all its own - alive with culture, music, food, and of course dance, this thriving neighborhood has continued its ascent since the first Harlem Renaissance.

Brazil In Nyc
Brazilians are born to dance, and Mickela learns as many ways as possible how New Yorkers keep that Brazilian energy alive - with capoeira, forro, and Carnival's samba.

Little Haiti
Mickela gets transported to Haiti in the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn with drum lessons, dance classes, and local shops.

Bolivian Pride
The Bolivian community in Queens may be small, but they are mighty - Mickela joins cross-generational Bolivian family members with the caporales and tinkus dances.

Nuyorican Barrios
The Bronx is not only known as the Borough of Salsa, but also the Borough of Music - Mickela digs deeper into the long-standing Puerto Rican whose influence stretches across all of New York City.

Jewish Roots
From Israeli folk dance at the 92Y to eating knishes in the Lower East Side, Mickela gets a taste of this culturally, ethnically, and religiously rich group that is iconic to New York City.


This season, join host Mickela Mallozzi in the Big Apple as she kicks up her heels while discovering the dance and music traditions of New York’s vibrant neighborhoods. She immerses herself in the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year, learns traditional Mexican folk dances performed during Day of the Dead, fulfills a dream by tap-dancing on a Broadway stage, experiences the city’s rich Jewish heritage through an Israeli folk dance group, and celebrates The Festival of Lights with Indian dance troupes.

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