Tommy Tang's Easy Thai Cooking

Chef and restaurateur Tommy Tang returns to public television with this new travel/culture series.

In each episode, Tommy uncovers Thai history and cuisine, the health secrets of exotic spices, and the country's cultural treasures and contemporary trends.

Tommy journeys deep into the heart of Siam to meet the mysterious people of Surin, visit the infamous "Death Railway" over the River Kwai, shop at the floating markets, sample street food, witness the elephant round-up ceremony, cruise along the Tar Jeen River and learn about Thai silk industry.

He also pays a visit to SukhoThai (the first Ancient Capital of Siam), stops at a jade factory to see workers mine and carve the gemstone, lives like a local in Bangkok and attends a Chinese New Year celebration.

Along the way, he re-discovers the simplicity and joy of cooking Thai food, while expert videography captures Thailand's dramatic backdrops.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Tommy Tang

Tommy Tang

Known in the U.S. as the "Godfather" of Thai cuisine, Tommy Tang began his cooking career helping his father in their restaurant in Bangkok. While in U.S., he started in a small Thai restaurant that quickly grew in popularity - thanks to Tommy's unique talents - making Thai food all the rage.

Montages of Thailand

Episode #101 · E-Saan: Series opener, Tommy talks about this series, montages of Thailand. He will take you to see how the Thai farmers grow rice and later Tommy prepares Grilled Chicken Breast with Green Curry sauce and Grilled fresh River Prawn and then shows the viewers how to use Thai Hom Mali Rice in Panang Curry Risotto.

Meeting Uncle Sunthorn/E-Saan

Episode #102 · E-Saan: Tommy visits Uncle Sunthorn, who discovered Thai Hom Mali Rice #105. Later, Tommy prepares Gai Gra-Pao (Holy Basil Chicken) along with fried egg and Sauteed´ Puck Boong (Thai Water Spinach) with garlic, chili, and Soybean sauce and is accompanied with steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice.

Quick Sticky Rice/E-Saan

Episode #103 · E-Saan: Tommy takes you on a road trip from Bangkok through E-Saan, located in the North East of Thailand and visits a Thai farmer's village and show how they cook sticky rice, a favorite in Thailand. Later, Tommy shows the trick of how to make quick sticky rice, Rice Croquettes with Som Tum Mango (Mango Salsa) and Spicy Red Bell Pepper Puree.

Phi Mai Sanctuary/E-Saan

Episode #104 · E-Saan: Tommy visits Phi Mai Sanctuary, showing the rich history in this North East area of Thailand. Later, Tommy prepares with ease, Thailand's version of Chicken Soup, Prik King Shrimp and sauteed Shitake Mushroom and Asparagus, accompanied with Thai Hom Mali Rice.

The Art of Making Mud Meethai Silk/E-Saan

Episode #105 · E-Saan: Tommy visits a local Thai silk cottage industry, to see how they make the most famous silk called MUD MEE, in E-Saan. Later, Tommy prepares typical E-Saan foods, Larb, Som Tum (Papaya Pok Pok Salad) and Thai BBQ Chicken with a sweet chili sauce with Ginger Coconut Hom Mali Rice.

Sukhothai, The 1st Ancient Capital of Thailand

Episode #106 · Sukhothai: Tommy visits Sukhothai the first Ancient Capital of Siam, and travels by bike to explore the ruins. He ends the night with light shows and fireworks performed in front of the ancient structure. Later, Tommy prepares the most famous soup in Thailand, Tom Yum Goong (Hot & Sour Shrimp soup), and Ginger Chicken.

Loy Krathong Festival at Sukhothai

Episode #107 · Sukhothai: Tommy joins the Loy Krathong Parade and festival where local Thai people release floating Lotus' offerings along the candlelit waters. Tommy shows the viewers the best way to cook white and brown Thai Hom Mali Rice, Red Curry Chicken, Thai style Omelets and Sauteed Broccoli with thick crispy Bacon.

Yee Peng Festival In Chiang Mai

Episode #108 · Chiang Mai: Tommy takes you from Bangkok to visit Chiang Mai, the Rose of the North and the celebration of the Yee Peng Festival filled with lanterns. Later, Tommy prepares Nam Prick Noom (Roasted Chili dipping sauce), Chiang Mai Nam Sod, and Chiang Mai's most famous, Khao Soi noodles.

Doi Suthep, Most Sacred Temple In Chiang Mai

Episode #109 · Chiang Mai: Tommy visits Doi Suthep, the most important Temple in Chiang Mai, located on top of a hill with views like nowhere else and then stops by the Jade Factory to see how they mine and carve the Jade. Later, Tommy prepares a local Khan Toke welcoming dinner, Hung Lay Curry, Chiang Mai Fried Chicken and Tomato dipping sauce with both Thai Hom Mali Rice and sticky rice.

Elephant Trekking, Experience of a Lifetime/Chiang Mai

Episode #110 · Chiang Mai: Tommy takes you to explore the adventure of hiking on elephants in the lush green forests, a relaxing bamboo river raft that floats along the hills of Chiang Mai, and then a midnight mission searching the Night Bazaar for a good bargain. Later Tommy prepares Tom Ka, a coconut milk based chicken soup, follow by a dish he calls "Naked Shrimp." (Shrimp Salad)

Floating Markets, An Ancient Practice/Rachaburi

Episode #111 · RACHABURI: Tommy takes you to visit the famous Floating Market where there is an entire ancient market operated by boats. He takes viewers to see how to prepare Coconut Palm Sugar, an ingredient used in many Thai dishes. Tommy prepares Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce, Spicy Beef Salad with Lemon Grass Vinaigrette, and Spicy BBQ Pork Chops with Thai Chili Fish Sauce.

Meeting the Monks at Dawn/ Rose Garden Resort/Bangkok

Episode #112 · BANGKOK: Tommy takes the viewers to the largest fruit and vegetable market in Bangkok, Au Thau Kor (Jatujak) where you can buy Thai tropical fruits all year round for the best prices. Tommy explores the Rose Garden Resort's herb and other gardens, and makes an offering to a monk paddling down the river at dawn. Later, Tommy prepares Mussamun Curry, Braised Tofu with Minced Pork and Sauteed Bean Sprouts with Chives served with Saffron Thai Hom Mali Rice.

Ayuthaya Ruins, The 2nd Capital of Thailand

Episode #113 · AYUTHTAYA: Tommy visits the second Ancient Capital of Siam, Ayuthaya. The historical relics of ancient Buddha and Pagoda statues will leave you in awe. Later, Tommy prepares Grilled Eggplant Salad, Fried Snapper with chili sauce and Shrimp Panang served with both white and brown Thai Hom Mali Rice.

The Tar Jeen River and Its People/Nakhon Prathom

Episode #114 · NAKHON PRATHOM: Tommy cruises along the Tar Jeen River observing the local river people and then shops at Wat Don Wuuy Farmers Market for all kinds of vegetables and spices: Later, Tommy prepares Pamelo Shrimp Salad as well as Thai Spring Rolls with a sweet plum dipping sauce.

Bridge Over River Kwai Meets Monkey Kingdom/Kanchanaburi

Episode #115 · KANCHANABURI: Tommy takes the viewers to visit the infamous Bridge over River Kwai and Lopburi/Monkey Town where a kingdom of monkey gangs run the city. Later, Tommy and Chef Varit from The Rose Garden Resort prepare Khao Tang Nha Tang (Crispy Rice) with minced pork, coconut milk and chili paste dipping sauce. Also they prepare Green Curry with Fish Dumplings and Sauteed Organic Thai Broccoli with Thick Crispy Pork.

Elephant Buffet and Round-Up/Surin Province

Episode #116 · SURIN PROVINCE: Tommy takes viewers to see the Elephant Buffet and the Elephant Round Up where hundreds of these creatures line the streets in celebration. Later, Tommy prepares Ginger Fried Rice with seared Salmon, accompanied with crispy ginger, leeks, and shallots. Another dish is called Mistake on the Lake. You have to watch to find out what it is!

Floating Markets, Ancient Practice/ Bangkok

Episode #117 · BANGKOK: Tommy takes you on an adventure of the great places to see in Bangkok such as the floating market where people come to barter with one another by boat like in the ancient days. He cooks Thai B.B. Q. Chicken with sweet and lightly spicy chili sauce, as well as Curry Fried Rice.

The Nine Sacred Temples/Bangkok

Episode #118 · BANGKOK: Tommy visits the 9 sacred temples where offerings are made for all kinds of spiritual gifts such as good luck, safe journeys, better health and many other things. Later, Tommy prepares all kinds of noodles such as Mee Krob Noodles and Vegetarian Rad Na noodles.

Thai Classical Opera/Bangkok

Episode #119 · BANGKOK: Tommy shows you special insight on where to eat in bustling Bangkok city. Later he visits the Thai classical opera Khon, at the Sala Chalermkrung Theater, Thailand's comparison to Old Hollywood. He cooks Thai Toast, a signature dish with the traditional cucumber relish and rice soup, as well as many people's favorite, Cashew Nut Chicken.

Spice Market Restaurant at the Four Seasons in Bangkok

Episode #120 · BANGKOK: Tommy visits the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok and visit at their Spice Market Restaurant. Later, Tommy cooks with Chef Ann to make a Prawn Salad. Tommy further explores Bangkok on less than $10 a day, and cooks red curry with pumpkin and pork.

Chinese New Year Celebration In Bangkok

Episode #121 · BANGKOK: Tommy visits a Chinese New Year celebration in Bangkok and shows you how to make Thai beer at the factory. Later, Tommy prepares Bitter Melon Omelet, Chicken Curry and a Calamari Silver Noodle Salad.

The Ancient Art of Celadon Pottery/Chiang Mai

Episode #122 · CHIANG MAI: Tommy visits a Chiang Mai cooking school in search of their head chef and then a factory to see how the Ancient art of Celadon Pottery is made. Later, Tommy and chef Phitak cook Pork Salad and Curry Noodles.

Legendary Khan Toke (Welcoming) Dinner/Chiang Mai

Episode #123 · Chiang Mai: Tommy visits Chiang Mai and shows the viewers what to do in the North and most importantly, where to eat in Chiang Mai from noodle shops to the legendary Khan Toke dinner. Later, Tommy prepares his Mothers favorite noodle soup, Pad See Eew Noodles (Sweet Soy sauce Noodles), Chicken Noodles and Mama Noodles.

Samui Island, A Jewel in the Ocean

Episode #124 · SAMUI ISLAND: Tommy shows you how to get to the magnificent Samui Island from Bangkok, one of Thailand's most beautiful islands, and will take you to discover his very favorite place to eat. Later, Tommy prepares an exotic mix of Shrimp in the Blanket, Beer Batter Shrimp with Mango Salad.

Full Moon Party/Samui Island

Episode #125 · SAMUI ISLAND: Tommy shops at the local seafood market for fresh fish and later goes with chef Saowakij to purchase fresh herbs at the market. They cook Lemongrass Salad with Prawns and Grilled Tuna with Tamarind Sauce and Siamese Risotto. Tommy takes you to Kho Phangan, the world famous Full Moon Party Island.

Seafood Extravaganza on Samui and Farwell for this Season!

Episode #126 · SAMUI ISLAND: Tommy revisits our friends throughout the series and later invites all the crew members and friends to help him prepare Coconut Shrimp and a grilled seafood extravaganza on the beach. It is something, of which you have NEVER seen before!