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The best of Nordic cuisine and culture come to life in Perfect Day, the food, travel and lifestyle series from the producers of New Scandinavian Cooking.

Perfect Day broadens the scope of Scandinavian cuisine to encompass the delicacies and destinations of the entire Nordic region, including Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark — and even a brief foray to the Cognac region of France.

A rotating cast of Scandinavia’s best-known cooking personalities guide viewers through each adventure. Newcomer and Finland native Sara La Fountain joins the all-star cast, which includes Norwegian food writer Andreas Viestad, Swedish cookbook author Tina Nordström and Danish author/gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer.

These charming and enlightening hosts share the culinary highlights, history and unusual ingredients of Nordic cuisine. In each episode, one host embarks on a culinary adventure to intriguing locations in the Nordic countries and beyond before creating tantalizing recipes outdoors, against majestic backdrops. Sara discovers the fascinating local customs and the delicious local foods of Finland’s eastern border. Andreas creates a traditional, yet exotic, Norwegian meal in his hometown of Oslo. Meyer prepares blinis, traditional Danish pancakes, in a lighthouse. Tina creates a delicious chilly sorbet atop a glacier in Northern Norway.

Perfect Day also highlights adventure and exploration. Tina, always one to embrace a challenge, plays beach volleyball for the first time and bikes through the streets of Copenhagen. Claus horseback rides through the Danish countryside, while Sara earns her stripes scuba-diving amid the shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. Not to be outdone, Andreas boards an old sailing ship to uncover the true story behind the aquavit, the strong, clear, cask-aged liquor popular in Scandinavian countries.

Perfect Day is distributed in the USA by American Public Television.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Andreas Viestad

Andreas Viestad

Award-winning food journalist and author Andreas Viestad has brought his remarkable knowledge of Scandinavian and world cuisine, culture and history to two acclaimed English-language cookbooks. Andreas has also recently launched a monthly food column for the Washington Post.

Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer has published 14 cookbooks in Denmark and has hosted his own television series, Meyers Køkken (Meyer’s Kitchen). He co-owns the gourmet restaurant Noma, runs a cooking school, and operates catering, fruit and chocolate supply companies.

Sara La Fountain

Sara La Fountain

Finnish cooking sensation Sara La Fountain is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She lives in Finland where she runs a cooking school , serves as a food columnist for several newspapers, and designs a line of tableware.

Tina Nordstr m

Tina Nordström

Tina Nordström, crowned Sweden’s “Most Popular Female TV Host,” hosted the groundbreaking cooking show Mat (Food) With Tina Nordström. Tina has sold nearly one million copies of her three acclaimed cookbooks since 2001.

Fire and Ice - Lofoten, Norway

Episode #101 · Amid the fjords and glacier at Lofoten, a string of islands stretching from the northwestern Norway into the Atlantic, adventurous Tina Nordstrom hikes a glacier and prepares a chilly apple sorbet and drink. Later she visits a longbow house and Viking museum where she cooks without the benefit of modern-day appliances. Recipes: Storm Soup - Potato and Onion Soup with Horseradish and Ham Breadsticks; Fire- Cooked Salmon on Birch Wood with Caper and Grape Salad; Baked Apples with Cardamom and Vodka Sorbet; Apple Sorbet on Black Ice.

Among Lakes and Berries - Karelia, Finland

Episode #102 · Host Sara La Fountain hikes among the lakes, pine trees and hilltops in the heavily forested region of Karelia, near Finland's border with Russia. She makes porridge over an open fire and learns how to make the perfect stock. Recipes: Lingonberry Porridge; Wild Berry Kiesel; Granola; Flame-Broiled Lake Salmon and Wild Mushroom Salad; Kalevala Stew.

Noble Causes - Oslo, Norway

Episode #103 · In his hometown of Oslo, the capital of Norway and home of the Nobel Peace Prize, host Andreas Viestad prepares a homegrown, yet exotic, modern Norwegian meal. Recipes: Medieval Saffron and Cinnamon Chicken with Barley; Spicy Sponge Cake Roll with Berries; Tandoori-flavored Cod with Potato and Ginger Croquettes and Baked Tomatoes.

Smokey Flavors - Hvide Sande, Denmark

Episode #104 · Host Claus Meyer visits Hvide Sande on the windy coast of Jutland, in western Denmark, where fisheries and lighthouses dot the coastline. There, Meyer makes blinis (buckwheat pancakes) garnished with fresh roe and sour cream and later, barbecues spare ribs right on the wind-swept beach. Recipes: Lumpsucker Roe, Herbs and Skyr on Potato Blinis with Browned Butter; Split Yellow Pea Puree with Rutabaga, Crisp Rutabaga Crudites with Ramsons and Grilled Spareribs with Apple Mustard.

Helsinki on a Plate - Helsinki, Finland

Episode #105 · In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, host Sara La Fountain makes a traditional Finnish dish on a rooftop, visits an island fortress and then makes a "pink" picnic with shrimp sandwiches and strawberry rhubarb sorbet. Recipes: Vorschmack (various meats combined with pickled fish); Marinated Beets; Shrimp Sandwiches; Rhubarb-Strawberry Granita.

A Taste of the Island - Aland, Finland

Episode #106 · Aland, Finland's autonomous island in the Baltic Sea, offers an exciting backdrop for host Tina Nordstrom as she prepares delicious food on the deck of an historic ship, tries beach volleyball and introduces new host Sara La Fountain. Recipes: Wasabi-Marinated Melon with Norwegian Lobster Tempura; Dill Summer Vegetables with Browned Butter; Fresh Tomato, Perch and Chorizo Summer Soup.

Secrets of the Baltic Sea - Aland, Finland

Episode #107 · New host Sara La Fountain visits a local fisherman in #land, Finland's autonomous island in the Baltic Sea, before she prepares whitefish on board a large sailing ship. La Fountain also scuba dives among the shipwrecks in the area. Recipes: Pan-fried White Fish with Summer Potato Salad; #land Rack of Lamb with Dill Pesto and Tasty Couscous.

A Ship with High Spirits - Norway, Denmark

Episode #108 · Host Andreas Viestad follows in the footsteps of his ancestors by sailing between the capitals of Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. Aboard an old sailing ship, he makes Brazilian-style bohlinos and boccalinio from dried Norwegian stockfish fish, unveils the true story of the aquavit, crafts a cask-aged drink and presents a dinner banquet to the ship's hungry crew. Recipes: Bohlinhos de Bachalau; Spicy Poultry Fricassee; Aquavit Tapas; Double Fennel; Steamed Cabbage with Lamb Confit; Baked Parsley Root with Cumin and Salmon Roe; Vanilla-scented Turbot; Dill and Fennel Lamb Chops.

Green Paths - Mon, Denmark

Episode #109 · Host Claus Meyer visits the white-cliffed island of Mon, in the south of Denmark, on a crisp and clear winter day. There, he makes vitamin-packed juice and cooks codfish on the beach. Recipes: Raw Winter Vegetable Juice; Roast Leg of Goat with Blue Cheese, Herb Salad, Hazelnuts and Green Kale Dressing; Steamed Cod Fillet with Fried Cod Roe, Winter Leeks and Apples.

Strait Across - Sweden and Denmark

Episode #110 · Starting in the Oresund region, at the southern tip of Sweden, host Tina Nordstrom bikes to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, a city known for its open-faced sandwiches and smoked fish. Recipes: Shrimp Sandwiches; Summer Salad with Cumin and Mint; Pizza with Blue Castello Cheese; Smoked Monkfish with Mashed Potato, Egg and Anchovies.

Southern Comfort - Stavanger, Norway

Episode #111 · Host Andreas Viestad visits Stavanger, the culinary and cultural capital of Norway. Against this exciting backdrop, Andreas cooks delicious fish courses and a spectacular dessert prepared with fire. Recipes: Four Seasons Shrimp Salad; Shrimp Soup; Leg of Lamb with Sardine Sauce; Chili and Vinegar Herring with Potato Salad; Salmon Poached in Olive Oil with Pear and Leek Jam; Plum and Marshmallow Pie.

Sara's French Connection - Finland and France

Episode #112 · Host Sara La Fountain begins her journey in Finland's apple county, on the islands of Aland, and ends up in France. In the Cognac region, she samples the local specialty and then prepares seafood along a riverbank. Recipes: Alvados Apple Tart; Cognac Sour; Mussels a la Sara.

Deep Sea Harvest - Josenfjorden, Norway

Episode #113 · In Josenfjorden, on the southwestern shore of Norway, host Tina Nordstrom visits a fish farm, prepares a delicacy - the white halibut - and pampers herself at a local spa. Recipes: Stewed Lamb in Dill Sauce; Lemon-Marinated Halibut with Asparagus and Serrano Ham; Rhubarb with White Chocolate Mousse.