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Exploring The West

Episode #101 · Alaska Wild - Doug gets up-close and personal with Alaska Brown Bears in the remote McNeil River Preserve and kayaks in Glacier Bay Alaska with humpback whales and calving glaciers.Best of the West - Road trips - Tioga Pass in California, the Zion to Moab loop in Utah and Arizona and the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Ocean in Alaska.Legend of the West - Car artist, Harold Blank.

Hawaii Volcanoes and Midway

Episode #102 · Hawaiian Heat- After a lava gathering expedition on the long-active Kilauea volcano, Doug ventures out to the distant island of Midway in search of wildlife and World War II history.Best of the West - Top 10 Hawaiian beaches.Legend of the West - Keith Fraser, the Lord of the Sea.

Half Dome and Evergreen Lodge

Episode #103 · Yosemite on Stone - This show hits the iconic Half Dome as well as the lesser-know attractions of the northwest side of the park.Best of the West - Wildlife - Bears at Pack Creek in southeast Alaska, critters of the sea in underwater Hawaii and winter migrations of wildfowl and native Tule Elk in California's Central Valley.Legend of the West - Recycling artist, Patrick Amiot.

Alcatraz and Chinatown

Episode #104 · Chinatown and the Rock - Explore San Francisco's Chinatown with consummate guide and expert Martin Yan and visit Alcatraz at night.Best of the West - Adventures! Rafting the Colorado River in Utah, kayaking, hiking, zip-lining and cliff diving on Kauai and mountain biking in northern Sierra Nevada.Legend of the West - Wavy Gravy.


Episode #105 · Catalina Escape - Learn about the history, nature and potential for adventure on Southern California's Catalina Island.Best of the West - Roadside attractions - Litto's Hubcap Ranch in Napa County, Forestiere Underground Gardens and the memorial to 19th century botanist, David Douglas, in Hawaii.Legend of the West - Artist, Lu Huan.


Episode #106 · Zion Canyoneering - Explore the slot canyons of Utah's Zion National Park and uncover the history of Hoover Dam as Doug travels deep inside the massive monument.Best of the West - Western towns - Bodie along the eastern Sierra front, Coloma in California's gold country and Drawbridge in San Francisco Bay.Legend of the West - San Francisco cabbie, Buzz Brooks.


Episode #107 · Northwest Nature - 5,000 Bald Eagles accompany Doug on his British Columbian rafting trip, and rangers and residents recount the tragic explosion of Washington's Mt. St. Helens.Best of the West - Castles - Hearst Castle near Big Sur, Scotty's Castle in Death Valley and Vikingsholm on the edge of Lake Tahoe.Legend of the West - Bernie Krause, Bioacoustician.

Dalton Highway

Episode #108 · Arctic Road Trip - Beginning in a village in Alaska's Brooks Range, Doug visits various small towns as he travels all the way to the Arctic Ocean along the Dalton Highway.Best of the West - Best Underground Adventures - Empire Mine, Lehman Caves and Black Diamond Mines.Legend of the West - Cruising the Strip with Las Vegas' official Elvis impersonator.

Manta Ray Drive

Episode #109 · Ancient Hawaii - Dive with Manta Rays and Holua sled into nature and history on the grassy slopes of Hawaii's Parker Ranch.Best of the West - Views - Fly around Mt. Shasta in California, climb to a 12,000 foot summit high above Death Valley, gaze at otherworldly astronomical observatories atop the nearly 14,000-foot peak of Mauna Kea and fly onto a glacier on the shoulder of Denali, Mt. McKinley.Legend of the West - Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart.

California Coast

Episode #110 · California's Colorful Coast - Start with Big Sur's dramatic mountain summits, travel down to the spectacular shoreline and dive deeper as Doug scuba dives Big Sur's many aquatic delights.Best of the West - Outdoor adventures - Kayak in Kauai and climb the largest volcano on earth.Legend of the West - Scientist and collector, Ray Bandar.

Surprising California

Episode #111 · Surprising California - Unexpected pleasures and high-flying adventures abound as Doug surveys beautiful Clear Lake and the surrounding wine country from a historic biplane. Also visit the hot to the touch and still under construction, Lassen Volcanic National Park.Best of the West - Romance of the Rails - various railways including White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad.Legend of the West - Artist, Ernie Fosselius.