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Host, professional chef and cookbook author Tina Nordström journeys through one of the world's most beautiful countries. With humor and charm, Tina turns her native cuisine into delicious modern dishes in each episode of New Scandinavian Cooking With Tina Nordström. All of her dishes are cooked outdoors on a custom-designed portable kitchen, with some of Sweden’s most spectacular locations serving as her backdrop. In one adventurous episode, Tina meets the indigenous Sámi people, competes in a reindeer race and visits a hotel made completely of ice in the northern reaches of Sweden.

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Tina Nordstr m

Tina Nordström

Tina Nordström, crowned Sweden’s “Most Popular Female TV Host,” hosted the groundbreaking cooking show Mat (Food) With Tina Nordström. Tina has sold nearly one million copies of her three acclaimed cookbooks since 2001.

Gotland: An Island Well Done

Episode #101 · On the island of Gotland, Sweden's most popular summer vacation spot, Tina visits a medieval festival where she tries "fire-eating," rides her bicycle to a farm which houses a breed of sheep which date back to the Vikings, and prepares two interesting salmon dishes in her portable kitchen.

Stockholm: Royal Swedish Meat Balls

Episode #102 · This storied capital of Stockholm serves as the backdrop for Tina to make famous Swedish meatballs with creamed carrots, scallops with blueberry vinaigrette, a lime sabayon with berries and a strawberry daiquiri. This seafaring-themed episode opens with Tina in a canoe and later visits the Vasa, the world's only surviving 17th-century warship, to understand how it sunk only hours into its maiden voyage.

Dalarna: Midsummer Nights Cream

Episode #103 · Tina picks the quintessential Swedish city of Dalarna to celebrate a midsummer night with traditional herring, schnapps, marinated salmon and a crowd-pleasing strawberry cake.

Skåne: Topping Off at the Tip

Episode #104 · In her home county, Tina goes on an exhilarating paragliding adventure to discover the mysterious Rocks of Ale (Sweden's Stonehenge) of Viking lore. She also hops aboard an eel-fishing boat and visits an old smokery. In her portable kitchen, set up at beautiful Ale Stenar at the south tip of Sweden, Tina serves up a new twist on smoked eel with scrambled eggs, blue mussels and chicken.

Vemdalen: Wild West Cooking

Episode #105 · Tina travels on horseback to locate the elusive mountain lake whitefish. She also explores the proud Swedish traditions of whey cheese making. At her kitchen, Tina prepares a chanterelle dish, a spicy mountain soup and whitefish prepared on an open fire.

Skokloster: Early Noble Harvest

Episode #106 · Tina tours the inside of the magnificent Skokloster castle and rides through the beautiful castle grounds atop a grand steed. Tina makes a delightful spring dinner of zander (fish) with asparagus and potatoes, a salad with salmon, a pear and orange salad with hazelnuts and a rhubarb dessert.

Lappland: Ice Cold Cooking

Episode #107 · During this particularly adventurous episode, Tina travels to the far north to meet with the indigenous Sámi people, fish on a frozen lake, compete in a reindeer race, go downhill skiing and visit a hotel made completely of ice. She also prepares a hearty hunters stew, a traditional Swedish fish dish and a cloudberry dessert.

Stockholm Skjaergard: The Coast Is Clear

Episode #108 · Tina ventures out on a white water boat before she serves up a buffet of marinated meat, a lovely lemon and yogurt sorbet and a chili salad.

Glasriket/Smaland: A Wild Game

Episode #109 · Tina celebrates Christmas in Glasriket, where she hunts wild boar, visits the traditional glasswork factories dotted throughout the woods, finds a new way to make pickles and sausage, and prepares a selection of dishes perfect for cold winter nights.

Vestkysten: Deep Dining

Episode #110 · In Vestkysten, on the west coast of Sweden, Tina participates in a regatta and dives into the North Sea to search for oysters. Later, she serves up freshly caught oysters, crayfish, lobsters and mackerel to local sailors.

Varmland: Christmas Buffet

Episode #111 · In this holiday-themed episode, Tina makes mulled wine, Christmas candy and ham - the Swedish way. A brave Tina also attempts ice-swimming in a frozen lake.

Goteborg: Fish Capital

Episode #112 · Goteborg is Sweden's second largest city and also its undisputed fish capital. After a visit to a local church, Tina reveals the importance of shrimp and cod to the city, then prepares wide variety of interesting seafood dishes with the ingredients.

Gota Kanal: The Crayfish Party

Episode #113 · Against the beautiful backdrop of the Gota Canal, Tina prepares for a Swedish crayfish party.