New Jewish Cuisine with Jeff Nathan and Friends

Chef and restaurateur Jeffrey Nathan, host of New Jewish Cuisine, introduces you to gourmet kosher cooking. Nathan uses his trademark enthusiasm and humor to infuse creativity into the kitchen by showing you how to prepare a wide variety of dishes from traditional kosher recipes to Cajun Creole, Italian dinners and Middle Eastern salads. Each episode will feature recipes on one particular theme, including holiday fare for Thanksgiving, Purim and Passover.

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Jeff Nathan

Jeff Nathan

Jeffrey Nathan is head chef and co-owner of the critically acclaimed Abigael’s on Broadway, the largest gourmet kosher restaurant in the country. He has won a James Beard award and is the author of the cookbook Adventures in Jewish Cooking.

Breads from the Big Apple

Episode #301 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan shows his five boisterous friends how to bake New York breads. Recipes include a New York rye bread and a Bialy loaf.

Sukkot Celebration

Episode #302 · A special menu for this festive holiday emphasizing fruits and vegetables includes hearts of palm salad, stuffed eggplant and Indian pudding.

Cheese....Cheese....And More Cheese

Episode #303 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan shares his love affair with cheese as he puts a cheesy twist on recipes, including macaroni and cheese kugel and cheese and almond fritters.

Fruit Desserts

Episode #304 · In this episode, scrumptious fruit creations, including challah pudding and fried fruit blintzes are on the menu.

Ultimate Kugels

Episode #305 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan takes the traditional kugel to a whole new level. Recipes include mashed potato kugel and mascarpone and orange noodle kugel.

Breakfast at Nathan's

Episode #306 · The New Jewish Cuisine breakfast includes Mexican matzah brie and smoked salmon latkes with dill cream.

Cakes to Die For

Episode #307 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan tantalizes his friends with his mouthwatering cakes, including his secret recipe babka and a strawberries and cream sponge cake.

For Mushroom Lovers Only

Episode #308 · A menu of mushrooms under glass and cream of mushroom soup help Chef Jeffrey Nathan explore the world of the earthy, elegant and enigmatic mushroom.

Autumn Stews

Episode #309 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan and his friends savor slow cooking as they prepare rich stews, including ragout de mouton and salmon and fennel stew.


Episode #310 · Sweetbreads with wild mushrooms, spaetzle and pan-seared liver with apple-sherry sauce represents a kind of kosher cooking that most chefs are afraid to attempt.

New French Cuisine

Episode #311 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan takes his friends on a culinary trip to France. Recipes include poullet au bouillon, string bean salad and poached pears.

Roasting and Braising

Episode #312 · This episode features a lesson on roasting and braising, with recipes including roast rack of veal and braised short ribs.

All "Souped" Up

Episode #313 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan unveils two exciting and delicious new soups: brisket and macaroni soup and barley and potato soup.

A Kosher Sausage?

Episode #314 · Jewish cooking is taken to a place it's never been before: kosher sausages. Recipes include lamb sausage, seafood sausage and chicken sausage.

To Russia with Love

Episode #315 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan and his friends visit the cuisine of their grandparents' - New Jewish Cuisine style. Recipes include potato and onion pierogies with roasted beet vinaigrette and mushroom and cabbage piroshki.

Cooking with Herbs

Episode #316 · An herb garden is brought into the kitchen where Nathan and friends prepare kreplach with pesto and rosemary and orange sofganiot.

The Versatility of Veal

Episode #317 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan shows that veal is not just for special occasions anymore. Recipes include veal chops Milanese and braised veal brisket.

New Ethiopian Cuisine

Episode #318 · In this episode, Chef Jeffrey Nathan journeys with his friends to Africa's land of bread and honey: Ethiopia. Recipes include chicken and vegetable wat, yemesir selatta and injera pancake bread.

Middle Eastern Delicacies

Episode #319 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan serves up some traditional Middle Eastern dishes with New Jewish Cuisie twist, including plantain falafel, fatoush salad and marinated mushrooms.

Chocolate Madness

Episode #320 · Today, everyone's favorite food - chocolate - is on Chef Nathan's menu. Recipes include chocolate swirl cheesecake and chocolate macaroon truffles.

All "Wrapped" Up

Episode #321 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan puts his unique twist on the sandwich wrap craze, with recipes including St. Peter's packages, Moroccan filo cigars and "beggars' purses."

Israel Meze Table

Episode #322 · Exotic Israeli appetizers, including beef and potato cigars, Asian chicken livers and chickpea salad, help to spice up any party.

Eat Your Vegetables!

Episode #323 · This episode is dedicated to vegetarians and vegetable lovers everywhere, with recipes including kasha mushroom terrine, beet salad with orange vinaigrette and beet green bruschetta.

All About Legumes

Episode #324 · Chef Jeffrey Nathan creates a special menu utilizing one of nature's most nutritious foods: the legume. Recipes include grilled Yemen salmon with fried black beans and Tuscan white bean soup.

New Sephardic Cuisine

Episode #325 · Chef Nathan creates recipes from Morocco, Spain and Iran, including eggplant and cracked wheat salad and fennel-crusted sweetbreads.

Matzah Meals

Episode #326 · The age-old question of "what can we eat during Passover?" is answered with recipes including matzah lasagna and matzah-crusted sole meuniere.