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Lidia's Italy celebrates the land Lidia Bastianich calls home.

In this series, Lidia journeys throughout Italy to sample and prepare local specialties from Rome, Naples, Padua, Sicily, Trieste and Istria. Back in her kitchen in the United States, the warm and engaging host demonstrates two or three recipes she encountered during her travels.

Throughout the series, friends and family often join Lidia in the kitchen. Her daughter Tanya introduces some of Lidia's favorite hidden cultural treasures, while her son Joseph frequently stops by to discuss regional wines.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich is an Emmy Award-winning public television host, a best-selling cookbook author, restaurateur, and owner of a flourishing food and entertainment business.

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A Sicilian & His Calamari

Episode #102 · Travel to Palermo, Sicily with Lidia and discover the most delicious way to enjoy Calamari-Manfredi style. Manfredi is a dear friend and olive oil producer from Palermo and has a very simple dish featuring calamari. Following she visits with another friend who has a spectacular seaside home and prepares a simple pesto "Trapanese style".

The Lamb of the Land

Episode #103 · Head to Friuli where Lidia has her vineyards and where she has wonderful friends and family that she visits several times throughout the year. Learn the tricks of the trade to making perfectly roasted lamb shoulder paired with Montasio cheese crisps with swisscard or the famous fricos!

Musseling My Way Through Puglia

Episode #104 · Today Lidia takes you to the "heel of the boot" or the region of Puglia to learn how to make vegetable farro with tuna & tomatoes. Then it's on to the town of Andria to make a scrumptious almond tart.

Two Essentials of Roman Cuisine

Episode #105 · Artichokes are at the heart of the Roman kitchen, and Lidia shows us how to prepare two easy and delicious chicken dishes, one of which features this great and nutritious vegetable. Another favorite is a chicken with prosciutto dish-a real hit with the family.

The Raw & The Cooked & The Tossed

Episode #106 · Travel to Sicily with Lidia and uncover the secret to a delicious salad Sicilian style. Lidia also will reveal a classic scallopine with Marsala.

Two Tasty Pastas, Puglia Style

Episode #107 · There's nothing as perfect as a fresh, ripe tomato, and today Lidia proves it by tossing cherry tomatoes with argula and cavatelli-a pasta specifically local to Puglia.

When In Rome....Eat Pasta

Episode #108 · Rome is famous for its simple, inexpensive and absolutely delicious dry pasta dishes. Two of these famous dishes are the Bucatini all'Amatriciana and Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe.

Savor It "Saor"

Episode #109 · It's all about Trieste today as we learn how to properly marinate sardines. Lidia then prepares mouth watering veal chops based on a recipe from Trieste.

The Essence of Maremma

Episode #110 · Viewers get a feel for Maremma today as Lidia cooks up appetizing poached eggs, a classic yet delightful steak with a side of Tuscan beans and squash. This is where the Tuscan cowboys reign so look out for a few surprises!

Bigoli Just for Me

Episode #111 · Lidia serves a luscious bowl of pasta filled with hearty chicken livers, but save room for dessert because she's cooking up a tasty Limoncello Tiramisu. And her visit to the Veneto area is exactly where the famous tiramisu was born...but this twist with limoncello is a real delight.

Anna, The Cous Cous Lady

Episode #112 · Cous cous in Italian cuisine? It's Sicily-an island that has seen many an inhabitant. Today join Lidia with her friend Anna, who we also call the Cous Cous Lady as they put together a delicate salad of orange, red onion, and olives followed by a hot, steaming bowl of seafood brodetto.

Spaghetti & White Clams, A Classic Plus More

Episode #113 · Lidia LOVES Naples! It's colorful, vibrant and full of energy. Today Lidia will also demonstrate a great pasta that has the flavor without the added calories as she prepares a recipe for Bucatini "mock" Amatriciana; meaning minus the meat.

The Palm Squeeze

Episode #114 · It's all about Istria, and this is where Lidia was born to there is a lot to learn. Following a delicious mushroom sauce, you'll want to save room for dessert, because today it's delectable crepes filled with chocolate and hazelnut, a true specialty from this area.

Braciole-A Cinnamon Roll

Episode #115 · Venice, the Veneto, spices! It was the center of the spice trade as Lidia loves to tell, and in this episode Lidia visits the region and then comes back to the kitchen where she doesn't hold back at all--making mouth watering beef cutlets garnished with aromatic cinnamon and cloves.

Stir That Pot

Episode #116 · The people from Friuli are often called "polentone" or polenta eaters, and Lidia celebrates this philosophy as she shows polenta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is an episode dedicated to the wonder, simplicity and versatility of polenta.

Autumn In Maremma

Episode #117 · Many of you know Tuscany but Maremma is an area along the coast that is often skipped when traveling to this rich region full of great food, wine and art. As Lidia visits with her friends from La Mozza winery, she serves up a classic -- slow cooked rabbit with chestnuts -- just like the Italians do in autumn in Maremma.

Gnocchi, Savory & Sweet

Episode #118 · Here's a dish that is classic to Friuli as Lidia explains how the dough can be used to make something sweet and something savory. For starters, she demonstrates how to make potato gnocchi. For dessert, we are in for a pleasant surprise with an apple pastry with crunchy hazelnut crust.

Truffles for Breakfast and Dinner

Episode #119 · Today is extra special as we travel to Piedmont and discover the truth behind white truffles. Lidia prepares a delicate dish of scrambled eggs with truffles for breakfast. For dinner, it's a delicate risotto with coddled egg and white truffles.

Neapolitan Macaroni and Cheese

Episode #120 · Here's a new take on a favorite American classic - Mac 'N Cheese. And what better place to do it then Naples. This dish will melt in your mouth pasta and your kids will be asking for more!

Kneading with An Old Friend

Episode #121 · Anyone who has visited with Paola di Mauro feels like they have met the Italian Julia Child. This passionate cook and dear friend of Lidia works with her on some homemade fresh pasta that is served with some great chicken livers.

Where Barolo Reigns....It Pours

Episode #122 · Discover the richness of Piedmont as Lidia serves baked cardoons accompanied by scrumptious beef braised in Barolo wine. Save some room for dessert of delicious crescent-moon shaped cornmeal cookies.

Goulash, Italian-Style

Episode #123 · Travel to Trieste and discover the secret behind Italian-style goulash. Lidia shows us how to serve up this meaty dish with a side of delicious potatoes. This isn't just your typical meat and potato dish!

The Galloping Figs

Episode #124 · Figs, simple but outstanding, are center stage today appearing in a beef stew with braised cannellini beans. It's Tuscany as its best!

Sauerkraut My Way

Episode #125 · Anyone who has been to Lidia's home for a meal knows that one of her favorite dishes to make is sauerkraut. It is so typical where she comes from. In this episode, Lidia serves a comforting bowl of chickpea & pork minestrone. To finish we learn how to make a crowd-pleasing, one-pot meal with sausage and cured pork.

The Potato Work-Out

Episode #126 · Lidia lets you in on a treasured childhood memory as she teaches us how to make an appealing gnocchi stuffed with prunes - a favorite among children and adults alike.

Tutto Pasta

Episode #201 · Lidia heads to Naples to discover the secrets of the wine of Feudi di San Gregorio, a region with its own unique soil and some great new varietals. Back in the kitchen it's an all pasta menu of maltagliata with onion-tomato sauce, fettuccine with squash and cauliflower, and spaghetti with a quick garlic-tomato sauce.

Rolling with Nonna Lisa

Episode #202 · It's a taste of family history when Lidia visits Gaeta and spends time with Corrado's Nonna Lisa. There she learns the secrets to the perfect tiella - a cousin to deep dish pizza. Back in the kitchen, Tanya joins in to help recreate Nonna Lisa's tiella with escarole, olives and capers. Then for dessert, it's fried cream and an icy espresso frappe.

Sweet Napoli

Episode #203 · Lidia experiences the art of puccinella and the art of pastry making in Naples. Back in the kitchen, Lidia whips up pizzelle- a perfect pastry pocket- stuffed with escarole and sausage. Then it's onto a classic Neapolitan dessert - the baba. And Grandma stops by to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Maremma Chard Pillows

Episode #204 · Lidia samples the rustic food and wine of the Maremma region with Joe. Back in the kitchen, she recreates some of Maremma's wonderful dishes: tortelli filled with chicken liver, spinach, and ricotta and a savory sage pudding.

Sea and Land The Roman Way

Episode #205 · Lidia samples the flavors of the sea with the fisherman of Gaeta and the flavors of the land in the marketplace in Rome. Back in the kitchen, she cooks two dishes reflective of the region: monkfish in brodetto with artichokes and skillet fennel with capers.

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