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It's Sew Easy puts a new spin on sewing. Sewing and design experts from across the country, including Angela Wolf, use time-honored techniques together with the latest sewing tools and technology to create today’s hottest fashions and home décor. They reveal tips and techniques for garment construction, fabric selection, fit and couture details, and more. The projects are easy enough for beginners but creatively challenging to pique the interest of all sewing enthusiasts.

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Apparel Details and Embellishments

Episode #102 · Don't settle for a cookie cutter look to sewing. Designer and teacher Londa Rohlfing is first with a tutorial on creating your own bias embellishments. Then, it's some easy decorative embroidery details with Tricia Waddell. Next, expert Bobbi Bullard demonstrates perfect placement for machine embroidery designs. The final segment features Angela Wolf with her first lesson of the season on jeans - learn the easy way to topstitch.

Simple Sewing and Easy Tricks

Episode #103 · Make sewing simpler with tips and tricks from the pros. Top stitch basics is the first segment of the show with designer Shannon Dennis. She shows how to match thread, feet, and stitches for a great result. Then, Angela Wolf has a second denim lesson on hemming jeans for a professional look. Lastly, expert Janet Prays shows how to install zippers using a method from the ready-to-wear world.

Make It Personal

Episode #104 · Use sewing as a way to express your personality. Suede of Project Runway fame is the first expert on the show. He creates a unique look based on three types of style and shares his insights on creating your own fashions. Then, Tricia Waddell shows how to complete those garments with a personalized sewing label. Stephanie Kimura uses the kimono shape as the basis for unique fashions in the final segment.

Dress Up Ready Made Home Decor

Episode #105 · Personalize readymade home decor items - the key is in the details. Editor Eileen Roche starts off the show demonstrating easy techniques for monogramming napkins and towels. Then, Editors Tricia Waddell and Katrina Loving show how to use simple needle turn applique to embellish pillows and wall hangings. Home decor expert Pam Damour wraps up the show with the 10 steps to a perfect pillow - whatever the design style.

Garment Construction Tips

Episode #106 · Start with good construction for a stylish and successful sewing project. The first segment features couture designer Angela Wolf showing techniques for sewing on knits - giving a basic t-shirt a personal touch. Next, Tricia Waddell demonstrates the importance of stay stitching and under stitching. The last segment is with pattern designer Gina Moorhead using ruching, exposed zippers, and patch pockets to update existing garments or change a pattern.


Episode #107 · Learn how to alter or adapt patterns for a personal style. The show begins with fashions from designer Valerie Mayen of Project Runway fame. She brings style to new levels from her own pattern designs. Next, Tricia Waddell and Katrina Loving teach about the difference between good and bad darts. Lastly, Peggy Sagers discusses why patterns are just the first step to a correct fit as she shows how to make perfect sleeves and armholes that fit.

Surface Embellishment

Episode #108 · Add interest to the surface of sewing projects with threads, beads, and scraps. First, is pattern designer Sheree Schattenmann with thread painting at a basic level. Then, Tricia Waddell explores the basics of bead embroidery for an instant update. Pam Damour is featured in the last segment. She uses fabric scraps and unfinished projects to create one of a kind head boards.

T-Shirt Surgery

Episode #109 · T-shirts are a perfect canvas for creating a personalized garment. Editor Eileen Roche begins the show with a flower design featuring embroidery for an exclusive fashion statement. Then, Tricia Waddell and Katrina Loving demonstrate a reverse applique technique as an apparel detail. Lastly, Linda Augsburg shows how to make over a favorite t-shirt into a bag, tote, or messenger.

Fun Fabrics

Episode #110 · Add fun and unusual fabrics to your sewing repertoire. The first segment features couture designer Angela Wolf demonstrating easy ways to sew with silk. Next, Tricia Waddell and Katrina Loving introduce a whole new source of fabric - they recut existing garments for a fresh new style. Lastly, pattern designer Sheree Schattenmann introduces viewers to laminated cotton with an easy apron perfect for a first project.

Shop In Your Closet - Restyling

Episode #111 · Breathe new life into garments taking up space in the closet, or thrift store finds. Designer and teacher Bobbi Bullard begins with a jean jacket redo - the basic pattern takes on a new look with fabric inserts. Then, update jeggings with a zipper for a fresh look with Angela Wolf. The closing segment features Cindy Losekamp sharing more ideas for updating garments from the back of the closet.


Episode #112 · Incorporate sewing into specialized gifts that reflect special techniques and interest. First is pattern designer Colbey Decker. She shows how to create a computer tablet cover featuring grommets and menswear fabrics. Next, Trish Preston demonstrates how to use bias tape for lanyards, purses, and flowers. Lastly, designer Nancy Odom demonstrates a tote pattern that can be personalized for all ages.

Mom and Grandma Are Busy - Kids and Baby

Episode #113 · The first child or grandchild is often the motivation for reviving sewing or a first sewing project. Rebecca Cornell and Christy Howden, young moms and pattern designers, open the show with felting techniques for a fun toy. Next, Tricia Waddell and Katrina Loving have a mom friendly tip for reinforcing seams for heavy wear on stuffed animals and clothing. Then, Sheree Schattenmann creates a simple duvet for a baby's room. Angela Wolf wraps up the show and the first season of It's Sew Easy showing how to distress jeans for a fashion look suitable for kids, teens, and moms.

It's All in the Details - Accessories

Episode #201 · Enhance your sewing skills and create personalized apparel and home accents. Today's show features Janet Pray demonstrating a moebius scarf design. Next, add decorative hem bands with Tricia Waddell for a finishing detail. Last, Eileen Roche provides all of the details for finishing purses all by machine.

Baby and Kids Basics

Episode #202 · The key is looking for simple designs that grow with your child. Fun fabrics and embellishments enhance what is often quick sewing. First are Jacinda Boneau and Jaime Morrison Curtis of the prudent baby blog. They've created a fun poncho to keep your baby dry and warm. Next, it's a quick hooded baby towel with Tricia Waddell. The show ends with a brand new sewing concept from Ellie Joos and ecofriendly and baby friendly diapers that will revolutionize your idea of diapers.

Couture Details

Episode #203 · Elevate your sewing to couture level with simple details. Though we are proud to show off our hand made garments - sometimes we don't want them to scream "I made this" because they look less than professional. That's when details are so important. Angela Wolf, our couture expert, begins with button holes- that all important closure adds the finishing touch to your garments. Next, Tricia Waddell demonstrates a peak seam. Last, expert Eileen Roche shows how embroidery on a collar can be the final detail for a beautiful and professional garment.

Fabulous Fit

Episode #204 · Fit is one of those topics that we can never get enough of. We want our clothes to fit our body type perfectly and make us look our best. Fitting expert Peggy Sagers is first with everyone's fitting nightmare - pants. Learn about rise, lengths, and more. Then, Cynthia Guffee is on location. She lets us in on her secrets for jacket fitting. Last, Tricia Waddell introduces us to princess seams - it's an instantly slimming silhouette that requires precise measurements.

Construction Blueprints

Episode #205 · The basics of construction hold the key to making and altering garments. Once you understand how things go together you're on your way to great sewing. Couture expert Angela Wolf is back with a lesson on hemming - this can be on readymade or even garments you've made. Then, Cynthia Guffee has a down to earth lesson on fit. Pay attention to the back neckline! Last, Janet Pray demonstrates a unique method of sewing without pins just like in ready-to-where factories.

Sewing for Family and Friends

Episode #206 · We love to share our sewing skills with all of the people (and even pets) we love. The key word today is functional. Pearl Krush is our first designer. She creates the most usable diaper bag you've ever seen with a really great fabric selection. Then, editor Tricia Waddell makes a simple cat placemat for a favorite pet's food bowl. Next, it's birthday party 101 for your favorite little girl with Trish Preston. Create a special garment to show her style. Last, Jessica Johnson gets out a serger for a quick crib sheet in more fun fabric.

Fabric Selection

Episode #207 · Each fabric has its own unique properties that can make them challenging - especially for certain types of projects. The show opens with Angela Wolf and a lesson on thread, stitch length, and other key choices when using knits, cashmere, silks, and sheers. Then, Patti Otto lets us in on the secrets for working with fleece in a lesson taped on location. The last segment features Tricia Waddell with a tutorial on sewing on pleather.


Episode #208 · Jackets can be an intimidating sewing project, but not when you learn the secrets from our designers. Breaking a jacket into step by step parts is the key. Our first designer, Peggy Sagers demonstrates basic construction, notching collars, easing sleeves, and welt pockets. Then, meet Gail Yellen on location for a felted jacket idea with a personal story. Last, we remove the sleeves on a jacket from Barbara Crawford. The key technique is nuno felting - a specialty fabric idea.

Quilt Look

Episode #209 · Many of the techniques you use are interchangeable, but we've also got some expert ideas for unique quilt basics. First is George Siciliano with a truly different foundation piecing technique that he's perfected in miniature. Then, Tricia Waddell returns for a quick lesson on seam binding for quilts and garments. Last, Cookie Gaynor introduces us to piecework with an easy crazy quilt project featuring embroidery for a personal touch.

Garments - Tops

Episode #210 · An interesting top or blouse can set the tone for your style. There are so many color and design choices - we've picked just a few to showcase today. Gretchen Hirsch with her vintage inspired design style is first with a feminine blouse. Then, meet Emma Seabrooke on location as she talks about sewing on slinky knits. Angela Wolf appears in the last segment sharing more couture details for perfect finishing on your garments.

Super Simple - Beginner

Episode #211 · If you're a beginning sewer, it can be pretty intimidating when you start out. And even if you're a seasoned sewer, sometimes we want to make things that are both quick and easy when we just don't have the time. Shelia McKay and Kira Greenhalgh open the show with the simplest of sewing projects - they look fantastic because of the soft and cuddly fabric. With a few quick tips you'll have a complete bedroom ensemble. Then, Tricia Waddell is back with a lesson on how to add embellishments to readymade garments and accessories. Last, Jessica Johnson sews for a very forgiving recipient - your dog -with a fold up dog bowl.

Sewing for Yourself

Episode #212 · We always do projects for our self last, after every other obligation is covered. Today's show encourages you to take a little time for yourself and make something just for you. First, Gretchen Hirsch is back to finish up the buttonholes on her vintage inspired blouse. Then, Trish Preston has a quick clutch - that you'll create over and over again and maybe make a few as gifts after you've made one just for you. Tricia Waddell wraps up the show demonstrating how to personalize a sewing machine cover to protect you all important machine.

Home Decor

Episode #213 · Simple additions and changes to your decor can make all the difference in your style and even seasonal look. First, Donna Babylon has a great drapery technique featuring grommets - they're a style accent all by themselves and they really make curtains super easy. Then, Barb Callahan was filmed on location for simple serging for a fabulous coat - a slight departure from our home theme. Last, create a kitschy look with returning designer Pearl Krush using unique fabrics to create a retro vibe for this kitchen ensemble.

Dress It Up

Episode #301 · Angela Wolf, couture expert, teaches techniques for working with silk dupioni to create an elegant party look. Next is an exciting new feature with editor Eileen Roche, clothing tattoos-machine embroidery for the contemporary sewer. The first clothing tattoo in the series is a vine motif on the sleeve of a t-shirt. Last, Gretchen Hirsch demonstrates how to add boning to a strapless dress.


Episode #302 · Peggy Sagers discusses fitting problems and how to fix them. Then, Angela Wolf has a lesson on altering a man's shirt so it fits perfectly. Last is bra making basics with Stephani Miller. She will teach how to measure correctly and how to choose the essential materials.

Home Dec Accents

Episode #303 · Donna Babylon opens the show with an appliqued footstool. Then, learn how to replace a zipper on a fleece jacket with Angela Wolf. Last, Jacinda Boneau and Jaime Morrison Curtis show how to make miniature pin cushions.

Skirt Tutorial

Episode #304 · This show has the experts demonstrating easy design and fit techniques for skirts. Gretchen Hirsch demonstrates how to add an exposed zipper to a pencil skirt. Then, Angela Wolfe shows how to fix a broken zipper on skirts or pants. Last is a mom and me feature with Sheree Schattenmann and her daughter Leah. They create simple skirts for every age in fun fabrics.

Designer Look-A-Likes

Episode #305 · This show has the experts sharing instructions for creating fashion apparel. Angela Wolf shows how to sew on fur including cutting, seaming, and constructing techniques. Next, Deana Tierney May shows how to create beautiful and simple lace top. She demonstrates how to draft the top, cut it out, and sew it. Then, Erin Miller - winner of the passion for fashion contest and a fashion design student at Kent State shows how to create stylish harem pants with minimal seaming. Last is a lesson on ruching from Angela Wolf.

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