Cooking with Julie Taboulie

COOKING WITH JULIE TABOULIE is an inspiring culinary exploration into the world of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines. The Finger Lakes region of New York state serves as the picturesque setting for the series, and its local farms, farmers markets and vineyards furnish the fresh food and heart-healthy ingredients used in each episode. COOKING WITH JULIE TABOULIE prepares and presents a variety of Old World family recipes, including malfouf (a Lebanese-style stuffed cabbage), sayadeyeh (a fish and rice dish) and harissa (a semolina-based yogurt) using tried-and-true techniques. Each episode delivers this seemingly out-of-reach food in an accessible way, encouraging viewers to make and master these distinctive and delicious dishes at home.
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Greens & Beans - Mama's Glorious Garden

Episode #101 · Recipes: Foul - fresh fava beans in garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil; Sleet - sauteed dandelion greens with caramelized onions; Lubia - Lebanese style slowly stewed flat green beans in onions and extra virgin olive oil; Atafiah - Arabic wild greens caramelized with onions and blended bulgur wheat.

Make Mama Happy! All About Arabic Eggs

Episode #102 · Recipes: Ijee - an Arabic fresh-herb omelet filled with freshness; Bada bi Helyoun - Arabic asparagus and eggs with aromatics and fresh herbs; Bada bi Coosa - sauteed Coosa squash and eggs with aromatics; Bada bi Lahme - Lamb meat and eggs with aromatics, all spice and finished with fresh mint; Batata bi Zait - Arabic-style home fries with aromatics, fresh herbs and sumac spice.

Middle Eastern Seafood Star - Sayadeyeh

Episode #103 · Recipes: Sayadeyeh - an Arabic fresh fish and rice dish; Ruz bi Saffron - Arabic rice with saffron spice; Jarjir Salata - a fresh watercress and radish salad with a toum and lemon thyme sprig sauce; Toum bi Laymoon Za'atar - a fresh garlic and lemon thyme sprig sauce with fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Street Food Stars Middle Eastern Style

Episode #104 · Recipes: Kafta - a Middle Eastern meat kabob filled with fresh flat-leaf parsley aromatics and all spice; A Harmonization of Carmalization - a medley of fresh vegetables, herbs and aromatics; Tasty Tahini - a sesame seed sauce with fresh flat leaf parsley and mint leaves.

A Taste of Heaven - Two Middle Eastern Sweet Treats

Episode #105 · Recipes: Heavenly Harissa - a semolina and Lebanese yogurt "Laban" sweet; Heltil bil Jibneh- a semolina and fresh mozzarella sweet sensation; Attar bi Mazaher - an orange blossom signature syrup.

There's Something Special About Silit

Episode #106 · Recipes: Mahshi Silq bi Hummus - stuffed Swiss chard leaves filled with fresh herbs, chickpeas, long grain rice and lemon juice; Silit Salata - a Swiss chard stalk salad finished with fresh garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil; Hummus Salata - a fresh chickpea, vegetable and herb salad.

Harvest Moon Malfouf - Middle Eastern Cabbage Creations

Episode #107 · Recipes: Mahshi Malfouf - Lebanese-style stuffed cabbage leaves; Makmoura - red and green caramelized cabbage leaves with onions and blended with bulgur wheat; Bandoura & Basal Salata - a red onion and tomato salad sprinkled with sumac spice and tossed in a traditional Arabic dressing.

Thanksgiving Traditions Take A Twist

Episode #108 · Recipes: Farjee - Cornish hens stuffed with Ruz bi Heshwi, baked to golden brown with an array of aromatics; Ruz Bi Heshwi - a traditional wild- and long-grain rice and meat stuffing filled with fresh herbs, seasonings and aromatics; Middle Eastern Mixed Greens - sauteed baby arugula and baby spinach leaves with caramelized onions and blended with bulgur wheat.

Dream Sweet of the Middle East - Queen Knafeh

Episode #109 · Recipes: Queen Knafeh - a shredded Phyllo dough dessert layered between a creamy Lebanese style sweet cream; Tofaah bi Safarjal bi Knafe - a Lebanese American honey crisp apple and caramelized quince Knafe cream crumble; Arabic Apple Cider- Arabic spiced hot apple cider with anise seeds and cinnamon sticks.

A Few of My Favorite Things - Lebanese Lentils, Lemons & Labana

Episode #110 · Recipes: Kibbet Rahib - a Lebanese lentil and lemon Swiss shard soup with petite fresh herbed bulgur wheat balls; Kharisah - a Lebanese-style potato patty filled with fresh chickpeas, herbs and bulgur wheat; Labana Herb Sauce - a Lebanese-style strained homemade yogurt "Labana" sauce overflowing with fresh herbs.

Middle Eastern Meat Pies - Savory A La Saj

Episode #111 · Recipes: Lahme bi Ajeen - Lebanese-style meat pies; Sfeeha - a Lebanese-style open-faced meat turnovers; Sambousek - a Lebanese-style savory meat dumpling.

Luscious Lebanese Laban - Signature Soups

Episode #112 · Recpies: Shish Barak - a Lebanese yogurt "Laban" hot soup with lamb meat petite and sized tortellinis; Kishik - a Lebanese hot yogurt and bulgur wheat soup in a savory lamb meat mixture, finished with drizzles of extra virgin olive oil and toasted pine nuts; Khobz bi Mitli - freshly baked homemade pita chips simply finished with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

Tis the Season of Sweets Starring - Magical Maamoul & More

Episode #113 · Recipes: Magical Maamoul - a butter cookie filled with a walnut date filling, baked to golden brown and dusted with powdered and granulated sugar crystals; Ruz bi Haleeb- an Arabic-style a la Julie Taboulie rich rice pudding that is silky smooth finished with pistachio nuts.