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The late Bob Ross delights and encourages the painting hobbyist in The Best of the Joy of Painting. In these episodes selected from a vast library, soft-spoken host Ross paints his trademark "happy" clouds, mountains and trees, while soothingly offering words of encouragement to those painting along at home. He shares his "wet-on-wet" technique for painting natural scenes that incorporate cliffs, waterfalls, green valleys and seascapes.

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Bob Ross

Bob Ross

The late Bob Ross became a cultural icon through his soft-spoken charm, trademark “happy” trees, and innovative Wet-on-Wet painting Technique®. His Joy of Painting series remains the most recognized and most watched art program in history.

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Mountain Reflections

Episode #2001 · With his trusty paint brushes in hand, Bob Ross takes us to a beautiful hideaway nested below a towering mountain.

Oval Barn

Episode #2002 · As if by magic, Bob Ross paints an old country barn in an oval —with snowy trees and bushes breaking through the borders.

Covered Bridge

Episode #2003 · Bob Ross paints a country covered bridge without disturbing the lovely forest background. A painting you won't want to miss!

Sunset Oval

Episode #2004 · Bob Ross paints a colorful mountain landscape in a truly different oval-in-a-square on canvas. Don't miss it!

Dark Waterfall

Episode #2005 · Watch Bob Ross and his amazing paint brushes create a wonderful little waterfall in the middle of an early autumn forest.

Night Light

Episode #2006 · A lighthouse has been the saving grace for many a sailor during the night. Visit this stormy coastline with Bob Ross!

Mountain Glory

Episode #2007 · Bob Ross paints magnificent background mountains and nearby greenery — all in one beautiful landscape scene.

Hidden Stream

Episode #2008 · A real Bob Ross painting favorite that pleases the eye -- large old tree, small trickling stream and textured ground.

Shades of Grey

Episode #2009 · Seek the warmth of a lonely cabin in the frozen solitude of the mountains. Bob Ross paints a scene using only Grey and White.

Cabin in the Woods

Episode #2010 · Happen upon a lonely little cabin deep in the dark forest. Mysteries unfold in a Bob Ross black canvas masterpiece!

Dock Scene

Episode #2011 · An abandoned fishing boat hugs an old dockside pier and as always, Bob Ross completes the scene in less than thirty minutes!

Northern Lights

Episode #2012 · On a black background, Bob Ross creates an incredible scene with mountain, cabin and the notorious lights of the northern sky.

Evening Waterfall

Episode #2013 · Once again Bob Ross shares his truly unique painting technique as he creates a fantastic waterfall on black canvas.

Golden Sunset

Episode #2014 · A golden sky glowing above radiant trees and bushes on a black canvas is the painting project Bob Ross has selected for today.

Towering Glacier

Episode #2015 · With a sweep of his brushes, Bob Ross paints a waterfall flowing at the foot of a magnificent mountainous glacier.

Golden Knoll

Episode #2016 · Just a few colors and brushes are all Bob Ross uses to paint this simple yet lovely monochromatic scene.

Soft Mountain Glow

Episode #2017 · Bob Ross' painting project for today is a soft landscape setting at the base of a towering mountain.

Barn at Sunset

Episode #2018 · Bob Ross paints a big old barn which appears to be half-covered in a snowy setting of frostbitten foliage.

Secluded Beach

Episode #2019 · Bob Ross teaches his special painting technique while creating a restless ocean crashing against a rocky coastline.

The Old Mill

Episode #2020 · Hear the rhythm of the water splashing down at the old mill. You will be captivated by this Bob Ross creation!

Bright Autumn Trees

Episode #2021 · Bob Ross teaches us to capture the exciting colors of autumn on canvas in this spectacular exhibition of trees.

Quiet Woods

Episode #2022 · Travel with Bob Ross into the silent misty forest and experience the breathtaking beauty of nature as it awakens from slumber.

Cabin In Sunset

Episode #2023 · Bob Ross teaches us the joy of painting with a bright, colorful sky, trees and cabin displayed on canvas!

Mountain Splendor

Episode #2024 · Bob Ross captures the undaunted power and charm of a glorious mountain surveying its surroundings -- all on canvas!

Winter Hideaway

Episode #2025 · With paint brush, Bob Ross places a lonesome cabin in the middle of a wintry setting -- respite for the snow-weary traveler.

Pot O' Posies

Episode #2026 · Guest artist Annette Kowalski demonstrates the fabulous Bob Ross Floral Painting technique -- a hanging bouquet in just minutes.

Autumn Images

Episode #2027 · Feel the crisp coolness of autumn air and the beauty of changing colors with Bob Ross. Pick up your brush and paint along!

Evergreens at Sunset

Episode #2028 · Bob Ross creates a sky with a quiet, escaping sun that serves as an ominous backdrop for tall, shadowy trees.

Light at the Summit

Episode #2029 · Capture a vision of glory with Bob Ross as you view the brilliance of afternoon sunlight peeking over a distant mountain summit.

Grey Winter

Episode #2030 · Bob Ross uses monochromatic tones to convey the icy coldness of a lake surrounded by trees in mid-winter.

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