Beijing, Are You Ready?

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Putting on the Show - The Ceremonies and The Volunteer Army

Episode #101 · Chat with the creators of the opening and closing ceremonies: China's biggest show in the last 5000 years. Then, the search for a song of Olympic* proportion....And, find out why volunteering at the Olympics is like wining the lottery. Finally, a candid conversation with some typical college students who are eager to make history...

Having A Blast - Daytime

Episode #106 · Daytime Fun Even the most avid sports fan shouldn't miss a visit to Forbidden City - the world's largest palace complex. Then, step back 2,000 years in history...and step up onto the Great Wall of China. And, why should Olympians get all the exercise? Ride a bike through historic neighborhoods, called Hutongs. Also, Panjiauan -- the largest flea market in China...with the crafts of 56 Chinese ethnic groups. Finally, visit this abandoned factory and see the edgiest, most avant-garde art in Beijing.

Having A Blast - Beijing By Night

Episode #107 · Sample Chinese delicacies at a 400-foot long buffet Then, chill at The World of Suzie Wong or Buffalo Club. You could also unwind with some classical music...Finally, nighttime fun at Lao She teahouse -where Peking opera and Kung Fu share the same stage.