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Add flair and personality to your sweets with tips and advice from Bake Decorate Celebrate! Hosts Nancy Siler and Melanie Glasscock focus on a specialty cake decorated around a theme, including other sweet treats that are fun to decorate: cupcakes, cookies, mini-cakes and candy. Episodes also include “Decorating Basics” offering easy first steps for delightful baking!

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Melanie Glasscock

Melanie Glasscock

Melanie Glasscock has been a popular broadcast journalist who anchored and reported the local CBS and NBC stations. Since leaving the anchor chair to devote time to her family and community, Melanie has worked with a variety of charitable and educational projects.

Nancy Siler

Nancy Siler

Nancy Siler has been baking and decorating for over 25 years. She is the director of The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary Art in Illinois, and serves as vice president of consumer affairs and public relations for Wilton Industries, Inc.

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Episode #1002 · The party continues with dinosaur designs that are a family favorite. The first is a 3D cake, a coconut pound cake dinosaur with lots of personality. Then, Nancy's decorating technique is making a pull out star. The show follows up with color flow techniques for creating dinosaur cookies. Last is a habitat cake featuring a tropical paradise complete with a volcano.

Delightful Daisies

Episode #1003 · Decorating with flowers is a popular motif. Daisies offer a simple look. This show features three whimsical daisy designs. The first is a daisy bouquet on a chocolate fondant cake. Next, Nancy will be demonstrating how to make rosettes. Then, a variation of the color flow techniques is used on dotted daisy cookies. The final treat is a red, white, and pink daisy trimmed cake featuring sheets of sugar.

Crazy Colors

Episode #1004 · Go wild with color on today's show. Designs are given a contemporary flair with vibrant colors. The first cake design has a very graphic look, using bright, rainbow colors on a background of black fondant. Then, Nancy's decorating tip lesson is making shells. Next, a very traditional cookie design is used to create a colorful tree to display thumbprint cookies. Last are decorating techniques for creating colorful cupcakes.

Chocolate Fun

Episode #1005 · What could be more fun than desserts featuring chocolate? There are three amazing chocolate treats on today's show. First is a candy burst cake and a unique technique for piping colored candy melts to create shapes. Then, Nancy has a decorating tip lesson for making a balls and bead borders. The next treat features a favorite pairing - chocolate and strawberries in a truly decadent triple chocolate, strawberry cake. Last are chocolate cookie bowls that can be filled with ice cream, mousse, or fruit for a delicious treat.

Star Struck

Episode #1006 · Who are the stars in your life? Make a star cookie or cake for your favorite hero--someone who is special to you! The first design is a star shaped cake that can be personalized with a name. Then, Nancy demonstrates printing techniques. Last are stars on parade cookies. Candy and cookies combine for patterned designs in every color and design for a portable party treat.

American Favorite Recipes

Episode #1007 · Today's show explores favorite traditional American recipes passed down from generation to generation. First, Nancy and Beth Somers, test kitchen expert, bake a pineapple upside down cake in a shaped pan. Nancy's decorating tip lesson features round tips for lines. Then, a true American classic - doughnuts - glazed, iced, and sprinkled. The last treat features Boston cream cupcakes - a twist on the traditional cake.


Episode #1008 · The feature of today's show is mums. First is a spring look cake decorated with shaggy yellow mums. Next, Nancy shares decorating ideas using a 4 B decorating tip. Then, it's on to gum paste mum cupcakes. Last, dress up plain brownies with pink mum flower decorations.

Italian Tastes

Episode #1009 · The hosts share favorite recipes originating from Italy. First is an Italian cream cake decorated with basket icing trim and candy clay decorations. Nancy's decorating lesson is about creating zig zag designs. Last is a special recipe for biscotti accented with chocolate and sprinkles.


Episode #1010 · Incorporate elements of nature in your decorating. First is a camper's delight cake featuring a scene created with tents, a campfire and a lake with swimmers. Next, Nancy's decorating tip lesson focuses on the 1 M tip. Then, a cake decorated with scrolling vines. Last are cupcakes decorated with delicate butterflies created from sugar sheets.

Fruity Treats

Episode #1011 · Fruit-from flavoring, to design and filling. First is an edible arrangement featuring cookies and fruit dipped in chocolate. Next, the decorating lesson is tip 102. Then, Nancy and Beth Somers make a pocket fruit pie recipe. Last is an arrangement of fruit made from vibrantly colored melted chocolate.

Child's Play

Episode #1012 · Baking and decorating are child's play with the right techniques. The first project features edible paper dolls using sugar sheets. Next, Nancy's decorating lesson is the leaf tip. Then, it's a whimsical kids' zoo theme featuring stamping. Last is an easy recipe for snicker doodles with a color twist.


Episode #1013 · Today's show is pretty in pink featuring desserts with a feminine flair. First is a delicate specialty cake with pink carnations. Next, learn techniques for the rope or basket weave tip on the decorating lesson with Nancy. Then, it's the ultimate feminine dessert with pink petit fours with a triple pink flower. The last segment features pink shoe cookies.

Kids Birthdays

Episode #101 · What's the first occasion that starts you decorating - a kids birthday party. Ease into cake decorating with simple and fun ideas for girls and boys of all ages. Our feature cakes are "Candy Cake" and "Spider"; we've also got some wonderful alternatives to kid's cakes like gelatin delights and rice cereal squares. Last up it's a great celebration idea - decorate your own cupcakes or cookies as a party activity and favor - we'll show you how. And don't miss our weekly tips.

Garden Party

Episode #102 · It's time for an outdoor party with plenty of flowers. Whether it's a baby shower, wedding, or a cake for that special mom - we have sweet designs with that "just picked" look. Decorate a heart and flower cake or baby buggy first, then cookies are blooming in their own pots, last up flowers are not just for cakes - cupcakes are an easy alternative with fondant.


Episode #103 · If you haven't tried working with fondant, you'll be amazed at the techniques you can do easily with this type of icing. Bow cakes are for every occasion - just change the colors. Then its simple designs; start with a basic fondant cake and add decorations. Last up how to stamp, sponge and write on fondant.


Episode #104 · When is a cake not a cake? When it's a cupcake! The same decorating tips you use on more elaborate designs are the basis for quick, easy and elegant cupcakes. From chocolate swirl to monsters, you'll love these designs. Our second project is all about embellishment - ez decorating with candy, gum drops and sprinkles. And our final feature is cupcakes and more - how you arrange the finished cupcakes can create the look of a cake!

One Tip Decorating

Episode #105 · We all want to make professional looking and elegant cakes, we'll show you designs using just one decorating tip. That's all you need to create our feature butterfly cake. The star tip shows up again on our second project; a flower cookie cutter cake and cupcake. Last up is the always beautiful rosette cake - we bet you didn't know it was easy too!

Chocolate Treats

Episode #106 · Remember our name is Bake, Decorate AND Celebrate - and chocolate is a big part of that equation. Its not just cakes, today we feature chocolate treats from lollipops to candy shells. Then our second project takes chocolate one step farther with clusters, drizzling and dipping plus adding sprinkles and sugars. And last up chocolate as an accent - on cakes, cookies, and even as a place card.

Quick and Ez

Episode #107 · Sometimes you just don't have the time to do all the decorating you'd like, we come to your rescue with quick and EZ decorating: adding candy pieces for a fantastic fish cake plus mini toppers and embellishments that are ready made. Staying with quick and easy, our second technique is stencil decorating with colors, sugars and even food markers. Last up, sometimes a simple sentiment is all you need -we show you how with piping gel and tube icing.

Easy Drop Flowers

Episode #108 · When you think of cake decorating, flowers are the first design that comes to mind. Drop flowers are perfect for beginners yet elegant enough for the most experienced cake decorator. Fondant and flowers is a winning combination on our second feature cake. And last, smaller is easier and faster with petit fours featuring flowers.


Episode #109 · Giant cookies are taking over the kitchen - for every occasion from parties to get well. It's the same basic techniques whatever the surface. You'll be proud to show off "your" cookies at the next cookie exchange with spritz dough cookies. And our last project features traditional cookies like cookie cutter designs and sandwiches.

Simple Tiered Cakes

Episode #110 · Tiered cakes are some of the most elegant and intricate looking designs - but you don't have to start out difficult. There are easy tools and techniques to making tiered cakes in our first project. Learn dowel rod construction and a simple stacked design for our second cake. Lastly, create a large brown bear from tiered cakes and learn about hidden pillar construction.

Fruits and Leaves

Episode #111 · Create icing fruits and leaves or use real berries in our first two feature cakes. Then it's simple designs on cookies. Our final look at fruits and leaves uses ready to use decorating embellishments like chocolate leaves, gum drops and fruit candy on iced cupcakes.

Tone On Tone

Episode #112 · When you need instant elegance and sophistication use tone on tone designs. A traditional wedding or shower look, you can use tone on tone to make any party "upscale". We start out with a dotted Swiss design cake and cut out flowers from fondant. Next add a touch of color with real fruit and also petit fours for a sophisticated look. Last up; include tone on tone accents in every aspect of your party with beautiful ivory, white and pastel accent invitations.

Shells and Borders

Episode #113 · Instantly dress up any cake with simple shell patterns and borders. We begin with a Fleur De Lis cake that only appears to be difficult. Our second project uses the same shells and borders with the addition of fresh flowers for a quick design. Lastly, do an instant dress up on a loaf cake with this simple design tip.

Hearts Galore

Episode #204 · This program features hearts of every size and color. When you're planning a dessert for a special person nothing says "I love you", like a heart. Hearts are appropriate for birthdays, weddings, showers, Valentines and Mothers day. In fact, every special person and occasion warrants a heart. Our first cake is perfect for each of those occasions and more. It's an entire crown of hearts and as an added treat we've used the same design for a salad. Our decorating basic is a review of the first steps in decorating. Our second feature expands beyond cakes to giant heart cookies. These are such a great gift dessert. Next we feature hearts in our decorating tip. Last up, its brownie and candy hearts. Hearts are adaptable to any recipe.


Episode #205 · Raise the flag on a program featuring patriotic designs. From traditional holidays like Memorial day and Fourth of July, to honoring members of the armed forces and even election day parties -these designs have stars and stripes as their key design element. First up are cookies - stars and stripes have never looked better and we have a visit from Uncle Sam, too. Next, on Decorating basic we have the recipe for perfect butter cream icing. The second feature is "Old Glory" ice cream cake. Not all cakes are baked and this is perfect for summertime events and outside barbecues. The decorating tip features printing - how to write the perfect message on your desserts. Last up, are cupcakes. Picnics wouldn't be the same without these easy to serve treats plus quick tips to decorate using picks and sprinkles.

Kids Parties

Episode #206 · It's so much fun to pick out a child's favorite character or personality trait and create a cake especially for them. This show also covers more than just the cake - we've got some invitations and other party ideas, too. Our first cake is one we've titled the Diva cake. Who doesn't have a little girl that's 6 going on 16? On decorating basics, we'll be exploring all of the different types of cookies. Then its equal time for the boys with a pirate cake. Shaped cake pans make designing easy and we have favor ideas, too. On decorating tips it's making faces - adding that personal touch to your decorating. Last up, its bears and butterflies for favors, treats and parties.


Episode #210 · Gingerbread is not just for the holidays. Why limit that great aroma and taste to one season? We start out with a favorite: gingerbread houses, but we've added a twist with a bunny hutch too. The decorating basic features royal icing. Then it's year round gingerbread with people of every shape and size. Then learn about chocolate lace with Nancy on our decorating tip. Last up its truffles and muffins; gingerbread of course!

Easy Pretty Cakes

Episode #212 · Everyone loves to create beautiful cakes but sometimes we're worried that our cakes will not look like the experts; we get a little intimidated. This show is just for you; easy and pretty cakes. We guarantee that anyone can make these cakes and they look impressive and taste great. The first cake is a checkerboard. There's a secret to making this cake and we're going to share it with you. The decorating basic is how to read recipes. It's not hard, but there are a few hints that will make your baking more accurate. The second cake has a secret, too. And this time it's a specialty baking pan that allows you to bake in a tunnel for filling. The decorating tip is the carnation. We've been adding to our decorating repertoire with a new flower. Last but no least, its molten chocolate cakes that are bubbling over with chocolate.

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