Art of Food with Wendy Brodie

Celebrated California chef Wendy Brodie creates lively, enticing recipes in each episode of Art of Food With Wendy Brodie. The series highlights plate design and presentation, décor and centerpiece design and inspiring entertaining ideas. Brodie cooks from her large home kitchen, but she also ventures to unusual locations in California: rustic farms in Salinas, a ranch in Big Sur, wine festivals and an annual gathering of world-renowned chefs and winemakers. Art of Food guests represent a diverse range of culinary culture — from celebrity chefs to expert winemakers, caviar-mongers and table-setting mavens.

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Episode #101 · Brodie presents new twists on basic egg dishes, including frittatas, benedicts, stuffed French toast, fruit pancakes - and even has ideas for breakfast in bed.


Episode #102 · From carpaccio to leg of lamb, stew and classic lamb chops, Brodie demonstrates the many ways to prepare this succulent meat.


Episode #103 · There is no limit to the styles, ingredients and flavors a creative cook can use in turning leftovers into fabulous stews.

Table Setting I

Episode #104 · Brodie demonstrates the diverse styles, history and customs of table settings. Her special guest, table settings expert Baroness Suzanne von Drachenfels, has served as a consultant to the White House's social secretary.

Table Setting II

Episode #105 · Brodie continues her demonstration of the diverse styles, history and customs of table settings. Her special guest, table settings expert Baroness Suzanne von Drachenfels, has served as a consultant to the White House's social secretary.

Holiday Hors D'oeuvres

Episode #106 · Brodie's creative hors d'oeuvres recipes are destined to become treasured holiday creations.


Episode #107 · Brodie goes on a culinary adventure to de-mystify this seemingly complicated dish: a chicken encased in a duck encased in a turkey. Tur-duck-en is trademarked by Chef Paul Prudhomme.

Side Dishes

Episode #108 · Brodie provides holiday event ideas, including accompaniments to poultry recipes, serving suggestions and table design tips.

Chaine National

Episode #109 · On the road in San Francisco, Brodie experiences the drama of 10 regional chefs competing against each other in the hopes of being crowned the best in the United States.


Episode #110 · This episode illustrates the many ways to present food in the shape of a leaf, as well as create leaf-inspired table settings and plate designs.

Gifts from the Pantry

Episode #111 · Brodie demonstrates several ways to make exquisite and unique gifts using everyday pantry items.


Episode #112 · Brodie explores the diverse styles, history and lore of sandwiches, breads, spreads and fillings.

American Sushi

Episode #113 · Brodie and guest chef and author Tracy Griffith create imaginative replacements for rolls, sashimi and others.


Episode #114 · Soups are a great accompaniment to any meal, or as a main course.

Mushrooms I

Episode #115 · With information on safely identifying and cooking mushrooms, Brodie and expert/author Lee Yamada explain several of the delicious and varied uses for mushrooms.

Mushrooms II

Episode #116 · Brodie and expert/author Lee Yamada lead viewers through the intricacies of the selection and cooking of mushrooms for sauces, entrees and side dishes.


Episode #117 · Discover the various ways and styles of creating hors d'oeuvres, canapes and crudites, and learn how appetizers evolved as a service before the main meal.

Spa Cuisines

Episode #118 · With a guest aesthetician, Brodie explores the approaches to healthy skin - from the inside out - with ideas for common foods with uncommon uses: cucumbers on the eyes, avocadoes on the skin, papayas in the stomach and an exotic bathing technique.


Episode #119 · From hors d'oeuvres to the main course and dessert, love truly speaks through the stomach.

Phyllo Dough

Episode #120 · This intriguing pastry dough ("phyllo" is Greek for "leaf") has so much creative potential. Brodie unravels the mystery of how to handle, prepare and cook with phyllo.


Episode #121 · Brodie and her guest chefs illustrate how to open, t tenderize and saut these sea mollusks.

The Love Chef

Episode #122 · Guest chef, author and TV personality Frances Anthony develops easy- to-prepare recipes with Italian influences and heart-healthy attributes.

Mexican Fiesta

Episode #123 · This episode spotlights both familiar and new south-of-the-border favorites, from tacos, beans, quesadillas and steak to an unusual dessert.

Indian Cuisine

Episode #124 · Guest chef Raghavan Iyer of Bombay, India combines herbs and spices to create delectable sauces, chutneys and rice.

Ice Creams

Episode #125 · Starting with a basic custard, Brodie demonstrates how to make and present chocolate cups, terrines, sorbets and ices.

Jim Dodge Baking

Episode #126 · Brodie and master pasty chef and cookbook author Jim Dodge create various desserts destined to intrigue family and friends.