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David Dunlop

David Dunlop

Artist and teacher David Dunlop is the engaging host and writer of the television series Landscapes Through Time. He is a modern-day master whose landscape paintings draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science.

Van Gogh - St. Remy, Provence, France

Episode #101 · Host David Dunlop takes viewers to the St. Paul de Mausole asylum where Vincent van Gogh committed himself in 1889. There, he visits van Gogh's small room and sees the same lanes, olive groves and countryside that van Gogh painted. Dunlop demonstrates the artist's expressive palette and brushwork.

Monet - Water Lily Garden at Giverny, France

Episode #102 · Dunlop visits Giverny, 45 miles northwest of Paris, the last home of Claude Monet, considered the father of Impressionism. While there, Dunlop paints the same water lily garden that Monet painted, using Monet's techniques.

Cezanne - Origins of Modernism, Mont Sainte-Victoire, France

Episode #103 · Dunlop travels to Mont Sainte-Victoire, Paul Cezanne's lifelong inspiration near Aix en Provence in France. He walks in Cezanne's footsteps, visiting his studio and family home, and demonstrates Cezanne's strategies, from sketch to watercolor to oil.

Renoir - Landscapes, Cagnes Sur Mer, France

Episode #104 · Dunlop visits Renoir's home, garden and studio at Les Colettes in the ancient hill town of Cagnes Sur Mer. He sets his easel precisely where Renoir set his - in the ancient olive grove overlooking the Mediterranean - and demonstrates the master's methods.

Americans In Giverny - Giverny, France

Episode #105 · Dunlop continues his visit to Giverny, the site of an exciting art colony of American Impressionists in the 1880s-1920s. Focusing on the work of Theodore Robinson and Willard Metcalf, Dunlop explores the similarities and differences between French and American Impressionism.

Honfleur "Turner - The Harbor of Dieppe"

Episode #106 · Dunlop believes that Joseph Mallord William Turner is the greatest and most influential English landscape painter - perhaps, even, of all time. In this episode, he visits the dramatic northern French coast at the harbor of Honfleur to recreate Turner's innovative techniques in composition and paint.

Etretat - A Landscape of Inspiration along the Normandy Coast of France

Episode #107 · The white cliffs at Etretat on France's Normandy Coast played a role in the work of Delacroix, Courbet and Monet. Dunlop visits several inspired viewpoints along the cliff walks and the beach and paints a landscape demonstrating principles from the various schools of painting that found inspiration there.

American Impressionism - The Lieutenant River, Old Lyme, CT

Episode #108 · Old Lyme, Connecticut, was a popular artist colony at the turn of the century. It was home to such artists as Willard Metcalf, Childe Hassam and J. Alden Weir. In this episode, Dunlop takes viewers through the Griswold garden, demonstrating how American Impressionists created the sensual experience of painting "en plein air."

Inness - Evolution of a Hudson River Painter into Am. Modernism, Montclair, NJ

Episode #109 · George Inness is one of America's most celebrated landscape painters and is considered the father of American Modernism. At a spot near Inness' home in Montclair, New Jersey, which overlooks the Manhattan skyline, Dunlop creates a painting using Inness' techniques and discusses his inspirations.

Kensett - The American Luminist, Contentment Island, Darien, CT

Episode #110 · The Luminists, a later group related to the Hudson River Painters, included John F. Kensett. Dunlop visits Contentment Island, where Kensett lived and painted, to demonstrate the techniques used to evoke Luminism's suffused unified light and to paint a poetic scene of Long Island Sound.

Hudson River Painters - Kaaterskill Falls, Ny

Episode #111 · Dunlop makes a trek to Kaaterskill Falls, which were painted by many Hudson River artists. There he paints the magnificent wilderness from the top of the 300-foot falls, as he discusses the inspiration of artists Thomas Cole, Asher Durand and Sanford Gifford.

American Impressionism - The Lieutenant River, Old L:yme, CT

Episode #112 · At Old Lyme, Connecticut, known as the American Giverny, David Dunlop investigates the connection between French Impressionism and its transplantation to America. He paints a river scene in the tradition of Childe Hassam's Summer Afternoon.

Hudson River Painters - Olana in the Hudson Valley, NY

Episode #113 · David Dunlop explores the locations, history and techniques of the Hudson River painters. With his students, he explores Olana, Frederic Church's Persian-inspired home and park, and paints the same panoramic vistas of the Hudson River Valley that Church painted.