Darley Newman

Darley Newman

Widely recognized for her ability to bring out the best in her on-camera guests, charismatic TV host Darley Newman has spent the past few years traveling the globe hosting and producing the Emmy-winning TV series, Equitrekking on Public Television, which takes viewers on horse riding and active global travels. Darley’s experiences have ranged from the exotic and challenging to invigorating and serene. Getting charged by an elephant in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, climbing an eleven-story tree in the Costa Rica, whiskey tasting in Scotland, whitewater rafting in Alaska, surfing in Ireland and rappelling down a waterfall in Jordan are just some of the exhilarating adventures she’s enjoyed to help educate and excite her dedicated fans.

Darley has been honored with five Daytime Emmy Award nominations for hosting, writing and producing Equitrekking, alongside media moguls Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. She received the North American Travel Journalist Award two years in a row for Best Travel Broadcast and the Merit Award for Best Travel Book. She’s been honored with the Inspiring Woman Award from Women in Philanthropy and Leadership and profiled in a variety of media including USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Martha Stewart Radio and NPR.

An entrepreneur and award-winning travel book author, Darley recently launched a new series on Scripps Networks’ ulive, Travel Like the Locals with Darley, and on the AOL On Network, Travels with Darley, which is distributed to over 2000 AOL partners, including Huffington Post. She’s been named a contributing editor to Budget Travel Magazine, recently appeared on The Today Show, and writes for a variety of media including The Travel Channel, Cooking Channel TV, CNN, Ability Magazine and Women’s Adventure.

An avid blogger and an expert on all things equestrian, she created Equitrekking.com, EquitrekkingTravel.com and Top20Ranches.com, resources for travelers interested in horseback riding adventures. Her background also includes working at 48 Hours, CBS and hosting segments on Ralph Lauren TV, Starz Networks Encore Channels and covering the White House for The Talk Radio News Service. Darley received her B.A. in Electronic Media and International Business and Cultures from The George Washington University.

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+DarleyNewman
Instagram: http://instagram.com/darleynewman
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