Rachel's Favorite Food at Home

Rachel's Favorite Food at Home
Rachel's Favorite Food at Home #CreateCooking


Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen was brought up in Dublin and left home at eighteen to study at the world-famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland. Rachel is now a busy TV chef, author of six bestselling cookbooks, journalist and mother, and still teaches at Ballymaloe.

Easy Family Meals
In this episode, Rachel recreates some of her family's favorite dishes: broccoli soup with Parmesan toasts, a chicken and ginger stir fry with coconut noodles, an oven-baked risotto verde and an upside-down rhubarb and ginger cake.

Food for a Crowd
Rachel prepares a meal ideal for an all-ages event such as a Christening or a house-warming party: chicken pilaf with a green salad, Southeast Asian salmon, beef stir fry and baked meringue with fruit.

Food for Children
In this episode, Rachel takes on the fussy palates in her household with a few tasty and nutritious dishes popular with her children: meatballs and tomato fondu, chicken goujons with homemade tomato ketchup, cheese quesadillas, chewy snack bars and drop scones.

Home Cinema
Rachel presents some of her favorite things to eat in front of the "telly": stuffed baked potatoes; lamb samosas with coriander and lime raita; spicy popcorn; sausages with a honey mustard dressing; a toasted sandwich and amaretti ice cream with a hot mocha sauce.

Dinner Party
Looking to impress her dinner guests, Rachel prepares asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, green leaf and pea soup, lamb tagine and pomegranate couscous, and a chocolate, hazelnut and caramel tart.

Hearty Breakfast
Rachel creates a hearty breakfast menu of granola, banana and peanut butter muffins; white soda bread scones; the perfect scrambled eggs; pancakes with bacon and maple; syrup and tropical fruits with honey and lime juice.

Sweet Celebrations
Cake and biscuits take center stage in this episode as Rachel presents dessert ideas for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth: Porter cake made with Guinness; chocolate and almond cake with rhubarb cream; lemon biscuits; cardamom buns and almond brittles.

Fish Dishes
Rachel celebrates the bounty of the sea, with an Asian twist: light coconut broth with Dublin Bay prawns; spicy salmon fishcakes with a Thai dipping sauce; Vietnamese crab salad with noodles and a lemon and ginger ice cream made with creme fraiche and yogurt.

Comfort Food
This episode features some of Rachel's favorite comfort-food recipes, best enjoyed curled up on a sofa: chunky Mediterranean pasta soup with basil pesto; cheese fondue; homemade sausages with apple sauce and concannon, and banana butterscotch pudding.

Pearl River Delta: Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong: Quest for Harmony
Richard's quest begins in Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan metropolis offering visitors an East-meets-West experience. At its most authentic, Hong Kong projects an energetic duality. Structures of steel and glass cut a figure of hip sophistication, while nearby, a temple burning incense illustrates the vibrancy of Hong Kong's deeply rooted traditions.

Edible Gifts
For holidays and birthdays, Rachel likes to give away homemade jams, chutneys and sweets as presents. The edible gifts she makes in this episode are among her favorites: spicy tomato and apple chutney, onion jam, vanilla melting moments, fudge, dark chocolate and stem ginger biscuits and summer fruit jam.

Big Family Get-Together
Rachel provides dishes suitable for serving a large extended family and accommodating a wide range of ages. Her go-to recipes include: chicken pie with ham, peas and puff pastry; winter broth with haricot verts and chorizo; gratin of fish; and toffee, apple and almond crumble.

Dining Al Fresco
On Rachel's menu: two salads (avocado, orange and watercress, and fennel, blue cheese and pine nut), a South American beef steak with chimichurri salsa, a Sicilian pasta dish, and a no-pastry pear and almond tart and a summer fruit tiramisu.

Picnic Foods
For Rachel, picnics evoke happy memories, so this episode features slightly retro versions of ham and egg pie and jam tarts. She also prepares slightly more sophisticated fare: a duck, lentil and red cabbage salad, a Spanish frittata with feta cheese and chorizo, and a muffelletta - a hearty sandwich popular in New Orleans.

Geneva and the Matterhorn: Quest for the Water Castle
In the 11th installment of his Emmy®-winning Adventures With Purpose series, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs explores the Rhone River, Lake Geneva and the Matterhorn regions of Switzerland — the country known since Medieval times as the "water castle" of Europe.

Basel and Lucerne: Quest for the Crossroads
In the 12th installment of his Emmy®-winning Adventures With Purpose series, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs explores the Swiss regions of Basel and Lucerne. On his quest, Richard follows the ancient trade routes from the Gotthard pass into central Switzerland, along Lake Lucerne, with a final stop at the port city of Basel.

Costa Rica: Quest for Pura Vida
In the ninth installment of his Emmy-winning Adventures With Purpose series, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs explores the ecological nexus of North and South America — Costa Rica.

Assam India: Quest for the One-Horned Rhinoceros
In this Adventures With Purpose special, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs treks through the remote state of Assam in India — a region of rushing rivers, strapping monsoons, vast expanses of unspoiled land and a staggering array of wildlife, including the one-horned rhinoceros. What kept these rare rhinos from falling into extinction? What does their story reveal about the world and about saving precious wildlife? Richard sets off to discover what this elusive rhino represents to the people of Assam — and to the world.

Egypt: Quest for the Lord of the Nile
In Richard Bangs' Adventures With Purpose Egypt: Quest for the Lord of the Nile, explorer and travel writer Richard Bangs sets off for an incredible adventure on the great Nile River to uncover the history, myths and culture of the lost crocodiles of ancient Egypt. From Alexandria to Cairo, from the pyramids at Giza to the Valley of the Kings, Richard explores the way the river and its fearsome "Lord" molded a civilization. Further upstream, he visits a temple dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god, and searches for the beast in the waters of Lake Nasser.

Greece: Quest for the Gods
Ancient Greece produced one of humankind's most extraordinary periods of cultural and intellectual transformation. From this prolific era sprang the very essence of Western civilization: poetry and architecture, the sciences and a democratic form of government. Essential to this revolution of human thought stood the powerful and revered deities of Greek mythology. They touched every aspect of life and influenced every action; yet somehow, they vanished from modern cosmology, leaving behind only temples, ruins, and a collection of strange but magnificent stories. In the seventh installment of his Adventures With Purpose series of travel specials, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs embarks on a great odyssey through Greece to discover the meaning and relevance of Greek mythology today. Richard begins his time-travels in Athens, and then heads to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. He visits the island of Ithaca, the site of the mystical oracles at Delphi, and finishes his journey at the home of the gods, Mt. Olympus. Joining Richard is author Agapi Stassinopolous and Greece native Arianna Huffington.

Hong Kong: Quest for the Dragon
In the eighth installment of his Adventures With Purpose series, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs ventures into the heart of Hong Kong to discover what forces drive a city in which the spiritual concept of chi and the worldly concept of wealth coexist. Richard begins by taking in one of the most dazzling festivals on earth, Chinese New Year. Then, he wanders beneath the skyscrapers of Central District, meanders down the alleys of Western District and ferries across the harbor to Kowloon. Later, he sails the "dragon-infested" waters to the Geopark, an ecological preserve, before making his way to Lantau Island, and finally north, to the villages of the New Territories.

Morocco: Quest for the Kasbah
For centuries, Kasbahs — the walled residential quarters around Moroccan cities — served as a refuge for African, Arab, Jewish and European traders, pirates and holy men traveling on ancient caravan routes. Today, these Kasbahs exemplify Morocco's determination to guard and preserve their rich multiculturalism. In his latest Adventures With Purpose special, adventurer Richard Bangs travels to Morocco on a quest for the modern-day equivalent of the Kasbah. Richard begins his journey in Marrakesh, where he dips down to the seashore, travels over the mountains to Ouarzazate and treks to the desert on the country's far eastern border. Then, he works his way up to Fès, far north to Tangier, and back to Rabat, ending in the city of Casablanca.

New Zealand: Quest for Kaitiakitanga
In Richard Bangs' Adventures With Purpose New Zealand: Quest for Kaitiakitanga, the father of modern adventure travel traverses the most physically and climatically diverse landmass in Polynesia in the pursuit of an age-old Mâori tradition. Richard seeks answers to questions rooted in indigenous wisdom, hoping to unearth the meaning and origins of "kaitiakitanga," the responsibility of human beings to protect the natural world. Today's Kiwis believe the knowledge of the ancients may hold a key to the planet's survival. Richard begins his 1,000-mile trek in Mt. Aspiring National Park, where he navigates north to the Franz Joseph Glacier and then to the east coast town of Kaikoura. From there, Richard crosses the Cook Strait to the North Island and the capital city of Wellington. He next visits the Taupo region, heads to Hokianga Harbor, and finally makes his way to Cape Reinga on the upper tip of New Zealand, where he encounters the great tangled "spirit tree" of Mâori myth.

Norway: Quest for the Viking Spirit
More than 1,000 years ago, Vikings from Norway terrorized Europe; their legendary raids made their name synomous with marauding pirates. Today, this ruggedly beautiful country houses the Nobel Peace Center and stands as one of the most eco-friendly countries on earth. How could such a progressive nation spring from such a violent past? Do Vikings represent a romantic revision of a grisly past or cynical pandering to a growing tourist trade? In his latest Adventures With Purpose special, adventurer Richard Bangs seeks out the modern-day "Viking Spirit" in Norway's forbidding Arctic north, its mountainous sea coast and its bustling cities.

Switzerland: Quest for the Sublime
Switzerland — a country of great peaks, waterfalls, glaciers and grand scenery — served as the birthplace of adventure tourism, the wellspring of ecotourism and an inspiration for organized tours into the wild. In this travel special, adventurer Richard Bangs sets off for old-world Europe. In Richard Bangs' Adventures With Purpose Switzerland: Quest for the Sublime, he explores the origins of adventure travel and searches for what philosophers and poets of the past called "the sublime." Richard's quest to unearth the true meaning of “sublime” begins in the heart of Switzerland: Lucerne. Later, he travels to the chic winter resort of St. Moritz, climbs aboard the famous Glacier Express train and heads to Zermatt and experiences the rapture of the Matterhorn.


“Irish Cooking Queen” Rachel Allen introduces American public television viewers to her straight-forward yet stylish dishes with her new series, Rachel's Favorite Food at Home.

Shot entirely in her own kitchen in County Cork, Ireland, Rachel draws on family favorites, classic regional fare and international influences to provide creative options for many occasions — a simple family meal, a festive supper, a romantic dinner for two, or a hearty picnic.

Some of her delicious, inspiring and easy-to-follow recipes include: South American beef steak with chimichurri salsa, oven-baked risotto verde, lamb samosas, soda bread scones and a summer fruit tiramisu.

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