Music Voyager

This travel-based music series features host Jacob Edgar — an ethnomusicologist, cultural musician and music critic — exploring thriving, exotic global music scenes to discover emerging talent.

Edgar travels all over the world to hear cutting-edge musicians and immerse himself in their cultures.

Along the way, he receives a backstage pass to concert halls, street festivals, recording studios and rehearsal rooms.

With local musicians as his guide, Edgar tastes exotic food, visits off-the-beaten path attractions and parties at hidden venues only the locals know.

His unexpected adventures and surprising discoveries unveil the magic, mystery and music of far-off lands.

Destinations include: India, Jamaica and various locations across the United States.

Included: Three episodes follow 2009 Grammy-nominated artists as Edgar uncovers why their music resonates in the U.S. today.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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