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Martin Yan Quick & Easy
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Mountain Cuisine
They say nothing stimulates an appetite more than the crisp, clean air of the mountains. To cure this hunger, Martin creates rustic and hearty dishes inspired by his visit through the highlands of Taiwan. Cooking tip: "All About Chilis." Recipes: Rice Cooker Chicken and Mushrooms, Back Country Mushroom Daikon Soup and Broccoli and Cauliflower Stir-Fry.

Taiwanese Influences
After a visit to historical Tainan, and inspired by the international influences of the city, Martin creates a variety of quick and easy dishes that can be enjoyed on their own or together in a flavorful meal. Cooking tip: "All About Knife Techniques." Recipes: Meat Sauce over Rice Stick Noodles; Quick Asian Chicken BrothSweet Peanut Dessert Soup; Twin Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Chiufin Specialties
A visit to the markets of Chiufin in northern Taiwan can inspire any chef, especially Martin. Using his experience as his inspiration, Martin demonstrates how to make a quick and easy meal. Cooking tip: "All About Vinegar." Recipes: Dinner Oyster Omelette; Buddhist Braised Winter Squash; Oysters in Port Sauce

Teahouse Delights
Martin visits a traditional Asian teahouse and learns about the delicacies they serve. Back in his studio kitchen, Martin puts his new-found knowledge to work and creates quick and easy dishes. Cooking tip: "All About Tofu." Recipes: Asian Pear Crumble; Honey Garlic Green Tea Prawns; LemongrassIced Tea

Although multi-faceted in flavor, Asian cuisine has one main objective - to bring people together. After a trip to the Taiwan seashore, Martin cooks up quick and easy seafood recipes sure to keep everyone coming back for more. Cooking tip: "All About Chopsticks." Recipes: Stuffed Jumbo Garlic Prawns; Black Pepper Butter Crab; Cantonese Lobster

Teahouse Inspirations
Martin’s trip to a traditional teahouse in Taiwan serves as the inspiration for a variety of quick and easy dishes, all of which display the versatility of tea. Cooking tip: "Stir Fry Techniques."Recipes: Simple Steamed Tofu, Cold Tea Somen Noodles and Wine Steamed Clams.

Hakka Delights
Martin visits a Hakka village, and demonstrates how Hakka-style cooking can influence the flavor of meals prepared at home. Cooking tip: "All About Eggplant." Recipes: Duck and Cabbage Soup; Hakka Vegetarian Chow Fun

A Meal to Impress
Martin and guest chef Michael Lomonaco, illustrate how to impress friends and be the life of any dinner party with these unique dishes. Cooking tip: "Simple Garnishing." Recipes: Sichuan Garlic Lamb; Hakka Vegetarian Chow Fun; Roasted Red Snapper with Basil and Sweet Peppers

Dishes for Every Palate
Martin whips up three delectable dishes sure to please even the most discriminating palate. During the travel segment, Martin visits the largest fish market in Guangzhou to take in the amazing variety of fresh seafood. Recipes: Crisp Apple and Shrimp Salad; Poached Trout with Tangy Sauce; Mango Macadamia Chicken

Versatile Dishes
Martin demonstrates how three versatile recipes can be enjoyed for both lunch and dinner, on their own, as a side dish or together as a meal. During the travel segment, Martin explores the food market in Chongqing, a source of ingredients for Sichuan cooking. Recipes: Yan Can Lo Mein; River Fish Dill-Tomato Soup; Three-Alarm Firecracker Chicken

Cantonese Favorites
Martin and guest chef Sara Moulton explore the exciting world of Cantonese flavors with variations on traditional favorites. Cooking tip: "Chinese Sauces." Recipes: Potstickers with Spicy Dipping Sauce, Gingery Chicken Broth with Wonton Ravioli and Simply Gai Lan.

Pacific Rim
Martin goes on a culinary adventure through the Pacific Rim with quick and easy recipes for crab, sea scallops and rice. During the travel segment, Martin savors the exotic dishes of Guangzhou in a traditional Cantonese restaurant. Recipes: Ginger Sugar Snap Peas; Crab and Asparagus Soup; Sea Scallopsin Sweet Chili Sauce; Coconut Rice; Guava Bellini

Home Cooking
Martin proves viewers need not spend hours in the kitchen to make a great, home-cooked meal. During the travel segment, Martin visits the dynamic night market in Wuhan, on the banks of the Yangtze River. Recipes: Coconut Squash Soup; Pan-Fried Noodles; Black Pepper Beef; Braised Mushrooms

China & Korea
Two culinary powerhouses come together, as Martin and guest chef, barbeque master Rick Browne, explore the difference between Korean and Chinese flavors. Cooking tip: tenderizing beef. Recipes: Rustic Smashed Potatoes; Korean-Style Lamb Chops; Flash-FriedAsparagus and Long Beans; BBQ Banana-Raisin-Rum Potstickers; Shanghai Rum Custard

A Simple Meal
Martin illustrates how a few simple ingredients can add zing to pork chops, rice and vegetable dishes. During the travel segment, Martin journeys to Guangzhou to visit his childhood home. Recipes: Carrot Pineapple Rice; Glazed Grilled Pork Chops; Almond BabyBok Choy

Japanese Flavors
With Japanese-influenced fare, Martin takes a trip to the land of the Rising Sun. During the travel segment, Martin visits the scenic majesty of the "lesser gorges" of the Yangtze River, stopping at a farming hamlet along the way. Recipes: Homemade Ponzu Sauce; Sushi Rice; Grilled Salmon Sushi Rice Bowl; Edamame Appetizer; Refreshing Beer Drink

Stir Frys
With the help of guest chef Joanne Weir, Martin demonstrates the art of stir-fry with light and healthy dishes. Cooking tip: "Pantry Items. " Recipes: Shrimp in Lobster Sauce; Chicken Lettuce Wraps; Seafood Trio in Kung Pao Sauce

Sweet and Savory
Martin combines the "sweet" and "savory" to create these perfectly balanced dishes. In the travel segment, Martin visits a temple and then joins the chef at a unique restaurant on Bai Yuen Mountain in Guangzhou. Recipes: Orange Beef; Pomelo, Radish and Spinach Salad; Mirin Ginger Crab

East Meets West
Taking exotic sauces and seasonings like Chinese five-spice, sweet chilli and Ponzu sauce, Martin puts an Asian twist on Western favorites. Later, in Chongqing, Martin explores the vibrant South Shore of the Yangtze at night, wandering through the throngs and dining at a local Sichuan-style restaurant. Recipes: Cool Shrimp with Chili Dipping Sauce; Seared Five-Spice DuckBreast with Snow Peas & Watercress; Caramelized Asian Pears on Coconut Ice Cream

Saucy Creations
Using quick and easy recipes, Martin and guest chef Christine Cushing demonstrate some "tricks of the trade" to turn ordinary meals into something extraordinary. Cooking tip: "Basic Tools." Recipes: Hot & Sour Shrimp; Eggplant in Plum Sauce; Honey-Glazed Spareribs

A Light Meal
Martin soothes cravings for a light meal with delightfully simple dishes. Later, in a Gaunghzou park, Martin makes a morning visit to exercise classes and returns in the evening for traditional claypot cooking. Recipes: Ginger Sugar Snap Peas; Fiery Chili Pepper Squid; Orange Pineapple Cooler

Seafood Delights
Martin completes a meal full of seafood delights with a spicy banana treat for dessert. In the travel segment, Martin explores China's Yangtze River and takes a behind-the-scenes look at the galley of a cruise ship. Recipes: Crab Puffs; Fish and Long Bean Stir-Fry; Spiced Banana Rolls

Spicing Up Rice
Martin and guest chef Ming Tsai kick off the evening with a "mango tango" and prove rice doesn't have to be a bland side dish. Cooking tip: "Exotic Fruits." Recipes: Mango Macadamia Chicken; Mango Chicken Stir-Fry with Snap Peas; Golden Fried Rice; Beef and Shitake Satay with Mango Sauce; Spicy Mango Salsa

Comfort Food
Martin is inspiring with his special take on some popular dishes. In the travel segment, Martin watches three masters of Cantonese cuisine prepare three different lobster dishes during a cook-off in a Guangzhou restaurant. Recipes: Curried Coconut Pot Pie; Salad with Asian Vinaigrette; Zippy Ginger Float; Zippy Ginger Syrup

Soy Galore
From tofu to miso to soy sauce, Martin examines the different forms the soybean takes. Then, he makes three flavorful recipes based on the versatile little bean. During the travel segment, Martin makes a stop at a Guest House Restaurant, where important Chinese officials dine. Recipes: Miso Soup; Wok-Tossed Pork with Miso Glaze; Soybean Fried Rice

Modern Tea House
Martin visits a modern tea cafe and learns the importance of glutinous rice, which is even found in bubble tea, one of the most popular drinks in Asia. Martin's cooking tip is "All About Ginger." Recipes include: Quick Glutinous Rice, Tangy Black Pepper Chicken and Sweet Coconut Rice with Caramelized Pineapple.

Cooking "Fun"
Martin visits a noodle factory and learns how to make fun, or rice noodles. Then, taking his homework to his studio kitchen, Martin creates his own version of fun with recipes for Rice Paper Wraps, Haihan Fun Mein, Peanut Dipping Sauce and Southeast Asian All-Purpose Dipping Sauce. Martin's cooking tip is "Steaming Techniques."

Taking Tea
The flavors and aromas of tea can breathe new life to dinner-time favorites. Inspired by his travels to Taiwan, Martin uses tea to prepare Black Tea-Braised Beef Short Ribs, Tea-Smoked Salmon and Simple Sesame Noodles. Martin's cooking tip is "All About Wrappers."

Back to Basics
Martin visits a Taiwanese tribal village to learn about its food culture and practice of living off the land. Inspired by his visit, Martin makes a quick and easy meal of Baked Black Bean Catfish, Fish Fried Rice and Swiss Chard with Black Bean Sauce. Martin's cooking tip is "All About Asian Citrus."

Simple Food
Martin, inspired by Taipei's nightlife, whips up Chilli-Braised Beef Noodle Bowl, Easy & Tangy Sichuan Pickled Cucumbers and Ho Chi Mojito. Martin's cooking tip is "All About Soy Sauce."

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The master of the quick chop and the hot wok returns in Martin Yan Quick & Easy. One of the world's most honored masters of Asian cuisine again proves that Asian cooking is so much more than "take-out food." As Martin Yan offers his studio audience a sampling of his creations, he discusses the history, background, health and dietary benefits of Asian cooking. His insider’s perspective takes viewers on an exciting culinary discovery of local cooking techniques. Along the way, he highlights mouth-watering recipes for Sweet Coconut Rice with Caramelized Pineapple, Poached Halibut over Soba Noodles and Sweet and Sour Shredded Carrots.

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