Low Carb Cookworx

Low Carb Cookworx

Michael & Mary Dan Eades, M.D.

The Drs. Eades have pioneered the field of metabolic medicine. The Eades also penned the best-selling books Protein Power and Protein Power Lifespan and have appeared as guest experts on hundreds of radio and television shows across the country.

What's for Lunch?
Dry rubbed, slow roasted ribs in a spicy mustard BBQ sauce and BBQ baked black soybeans.

Southern Sunday Supper
Southern fried chicken "just like potatoes" and apple pie.

Rise and Shine Breakfast
Greens, eggs & ham, fruit salad and almond scones.

Holiday Feast
Cranberry-orange relish, butternut squash casserole, green pea and asparagus casserole & pumpkin pie.

No Fuss Caribbean Dinner
Zesty salmon pepper packets, colorful black soybean salsa, mixed greens with spicy lime vinaigrette and mojitos.

Scrumptious Desserts
Mouthwatering strawberry shortcake, golden pound cake and tasty tiramisu.

Mexican Fiesta
Green chile chicken enchiladas, guacamole salad & guiltless Margaritas.

Romantic Dinner for Two
Medallions of beef tenderloin with a cabernet reduction, roasted red pepper soup and Creme Brule.

Flippin' for Flapjacks
Zesty low carb, lemon ricotta flapjacks in a delicious berry syrup.

Wing Ding
BBQ chicken wings with mock potato salad and homemade slaw.

Sweets for Sweet
Dessert dear! Rustic apricot crostata, pomegranates in sweet wine & ice cream brownie-wiches.

Fish Taco Fiesta
Tacos never tasted this good with salsa verde and low carb frijoles.

Roman Holiday
Make low carb pasta noodles, a luscious lasagna & garlic griddle bread.

Chowder Bowl
Fresh handmade rye bread with one-third the carbs! Served with Hearty New England style clam chowder and black soybean soup.

Breakfast on the Run
Who can resist delicious almond pecan waffles drenched in low carb "almost" maple syrup? Try the Eades' special brew of cocomochacinno orget off to a fast start with a yogurt berry power cup!

Kid Stuff
Hi protein French toast fingers and "almost" real maple syrup is the answer to fussy children's appetites. And they'll come running for frozen fruit skewers.

Appetizers & Munchies
Impress the guests with zesty black soybean salsa, spicy tortilla triangles, avocado-caviar spoons, fresh cucumber-salmon bites and rosemary and olive pan bread.

Soup's On
Heat up any appetite with delicious white chili, cioppino or mouth-watering French onion soup!

Comfort Foods
Return to the old fashioned favorites: almost-oatmeal, tender almond pie and tart crust, chicken pot pie and an unforgettable creamy coconut pie.

Brunch Bunch
The doctors set the table for a memorable brunch including cinnamon pinon power muffins, baked huevos rancheros and hashbrowned fauxtatoes.

Coffee Klatch
Enjoy break time with delicious pecan cinnamon coffee cake, classic currantwalnut scones or hi protein almond yogurt cream spread.

Cocktails at 6
Make a toast to Asian spiced pecans, bruchetta with simple tapenade, blue cheesecake miniatures and tantalizing chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce.

Pizza Party
Kids of all ages will enjoy cheesy waffle pizza platforms, garden pizza for kids, veggie delight, simple margarita and meat lover's pizzas - with a special handmade pizza sauce!

Taste of Thailand
Savor the flavor and bring on the spice! Thai red chile chicken, spagaroni and broccoli with sesame fire butter.

By The Sea
Ahoy seafood lovers: a delectable "a-lot-like lacquered" salmon, fauxtatoes au gratin and sumptuous poached pears in cabernet reduction with cream.

Calling All Chocoholics!
Irresistible flourless chocolate cake, fresh raspberry coulis, decadent expresso chocolate mousse.


Discover new and healthier ways to prepare mealtime favorites with Low Carb Cookworx. Join husband and wife hosts, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, as they give a whole new, low-carb twist to old-fashioned comfort foods. The doctors share their secret recipes for Belgian waffles, crème brûlée, enchiladas and Southern fried chicken. Also, learn the dietary principles behind the medical marvel of low-carb cooking in each show’s closing “food facts” segment.

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