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Darley Newman

Darley Newman is the founder, host and producer of the Equitrekking travel television series. Darley also pens monthly columns and articles for True West and Practical Horseman magazines.

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Destination Carolinas
We travel from the beaches to the mountains of North and South Carolina in this episode, exploring the Biltmore Estate on horseback, Daufuskie Island and riding with Cherokee Tribal Members in the Great Smoky Mountains. There are over 100 miles of Appalachian trails surrounding the Biltmore Estate which we explore on horseback, much as guests of George Vanderbilt would have during the Gilded Age. The Biltmore Equestrian Center focuses on natural horsemanship, which helps riders learn how to communicate with their equine partners. We see some resident horses in training and learn why natural horsemanship is a powerful method of understanding horses. Next we check out the thriving arts scene in downtown Asheville, before taking a lesson in rock climbing at Chimney Rock Park. We travel further West to meet up with Cherokee tribal members and examine the history of horses in Cherokee culture. We ride Tennessee Walking horses and fish for trout in the Great Smoky Mountains. Finally, we step back in time to a small barrier island full of Southern charm and only accessible via ferry. Cantering along the wide, pristine beaches of Daufuskie Island is the perfect way to explore this small island off of Hilton Head Island, S.C. We learn about the islands original inhabitants, the Cusabo Indians, on a ride down dirt roads towards a maritime forest that was inhabited thousands of years ago by the Cusabo.

Destination Georgia Coast
On Georgia's Coast, we experience the thrill of beach riding on Sea Island, the wild horses of Cumberland Island, the hauntingly beautiful beaches of Jekyll Island and historic Savannah in an imported Viennese carriage. On Sea Island, we experience many people's dream of riding horses on the beach, take a nature ride with naturalist Stacia Hendricks and try what the island natives call swim riding. On secluded Cumberland Island, we observe wild horses with naturalist Fred Whitehead. Whitehead has been living on Cumberland Island for over 25 years and has an intimate knowledge of herd dynamics, the history of horses on the island and how they survive in the subtropical environment. We stay at the island's only lodging, the historic Greyfield Inn and learn about the Carnegie family's role in the island's history. Next we visit Jekyll Island, where we ride through the remnants of an ancient maritime forest on Driftwood Beach. We stroll through the historic district to delve deeper into Jekyll's unique past.

Destination Colorado
We ride championship cutting horses at a working cattle ranch in the rolling plains of Northern Colorado and explore the high mountain peaks of Durango in this episode. At the Colorado Cattle Company in Northern Colorado, we participate in "Dream Week," learning to ride championship cutting horses with cutting horse expert Teddy Johnson. In Southern Colorado, we ride up to over 12,000 feet with native Anne Rapp, who has been leading riders through the San Juan National Forest for over 25 years. The ride to Engineer Mountain takes us through alpine meadows, steep mountain passes and open expanses where we can see all the way to New Mexico. We survive the changes in weather that come with high altitudes, including a hail storm, before heading back down the mountain. At Wilderness Trails Ranch, a family oriented dude ranch, we take trail rides to Vallecito Lake and learn more techniques for working with cattle. Finally, we ride the rails and experience the past on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Destination Wyoming
Put on your cowboy boots, because in this episode, Equitrekking explores the rodeo, wild horses, fly fishing and historic ranches of Wyoming on horseback. Equitrekking begins at UXU Ranch for scenic and challenging riding on surefooted horses in the Shoshone National Forest. We ride by the majestic hoodoos and up to high elevations to take in views of colorful canyons, glaciers and mountain tops. We explore the wildlife and geology of Yellowstone National Park, before heading to the Cody rodeo. At nearby McCullough Peaks, we observe a melting pot of Mustangs and the descendants of horses who were once in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. We begin to understand how these horses survive in the wild by speaking with a local who has been observing the horses for many years. We visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center's Whitney Gallery of Western Art before heading South past the Grand Tetons to Jackson Hole. There, we embark on a pack trip with two locals who have been leading riders into the backcountry for over 25 years. We see the beauty of nature as we ride to Willow Creek in the Bridger Teton National Forest. Finally we go fly fishing and explore dude ranch history at the T Cross Ranch, which has been family owned an operated since it was homesteaded in the early 1900's.

Destination Spain
The romance and history of Spain comes alive as we explore the beaches of Southern Spain, historic farms outside of Segovia and Seville, a performance of dancing horses at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and nightlife in Seville. We begin our adventures at Cortijo El Esparragal, an estate and working farm outside of Seville that dates back to the Bronze Age. We ride prize-winning Andalusians on the farm to learn about the purpose and history of the Spanish Vaquera style of riding. Next we enjoy a sunset ride outside of Segovia and visit the castles and Roman aqueducts in the central region of Segovia. In the Southern town of Jerez de la Frontera, viewers learn about Andalusian horses through a performance at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. We visit Yeguada Real Tesoro, a premier sherry bodega, which also breeds rare black Andalusian Horses. Next we head to Donana National Park, a diverse National Heritage Site. We explore park's varied landscapes and wildlife. Riding along the pristine beaches and onto the trails that pilgrims take to the shrine of El Rocio, viewers begin to understand why horses are a national treasure in Spain.

Coastal Ireland
We ride the mountains of the Cooley Peninsula and discover the medieval town of Carlingford. We ride the Smuggler's Road and go beach riding and surfing in Donegal. In Connemara, we ride to mythical Omey Island, check out Galway and learn about the Connemara Pony, the area's native breed. On the Cooley Peninsula, local Niall Connolly, takes us through Ravensdale Forest to discover ancient stone circles and a scenic spot where you can see eight out of the thirty-two Irish counties. We visit castles in the medieval town of Carlingford and an ancient burial tomb. Next we head to the Northwest to beach ride and surf in a top European surfing area in Donegal. We learn about the history of conflict in Ireland on a ride on an old smuggler's road. In Connemara, we meet up with Willie Leahy, one of the the largest breeders of Connemara Ponies in the world, and watch herds of ponies run amid lush green fields. With local Siobhan Reynolds, we ride over a sand bridge to a remote tidal island of Omey Island. In the 7th century Saint Feichin, who is known for spreading Christianity throughout Western Ireland and was believed by many to have healing abilities, established a monastery on Omey Island. We visit ancient sights and make an offering at the holy well.

Hawaii's Big Island
We ride with paniolos, Hawaiian cowboys, at Parker Ranch and Kahua Ranch, both working cattle ranches in Waimea, the Big Island's cowboy country. Next we venture down into Waipi'o Valley, the Valley of the Kings, one of the most remote and sacred spots on the Big Island and home to a unique breed of wild horses. With a cattle ranching history predating mainland American ranches by a generation, the people of Hawaii have strong ties to horses. We explore this tradition, beginning at Parker Ranch, one of the oldest and largest ranches in the United States. To experience life as a Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy), we ride through green pastures with majestic Mauna Kea as a backdrop and learn about cowboy culture in Waimea. Next we ride at Kahua Ranch, a working cattle ranch in Waimea. We take in stunning views of the ocean and Kohala coastline as we gallop through the lush, green hills. Next we hit a black sand beach, go outrigger canoeing surrounded by sea turtles, explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and attend a luau. Finally, we venture to one of the most remote and sacred parts of the Big Island, Waipi'o Valley, the Valley of the Kings. This sacred valley is home to a herd of wild horses, the only wild herd in the state. Riding Hawaiian Horses, we learn about this unique breed, while munching on avocado, papaya, and star fruit grown on trees in the valley. Only a small number of people live in this valley, surrounded by 1000 foot cliffs lined with waterfalls. We learn about life "off the grid," as we explore the rivers and natural wonders of this special place.

From hot pots to horse drives, we experience the smooth gait of the Icelandic horses on rides with farmers and an Icelandic champion rider, traveling to lava fields, lakes and waterfalls. Riding through the varied landscapes of Iceland is truly an otherworldly experience. We begin our journey with a short lesson in how to ride the small, but mighty Icelandic horse, before trekking on horseback through the lava fields and over the diverse terrain that the Icelandic horse is bred to conquer. Viewers learn about the history and personality of this intelligent, good-natured horse, upon which Icelanders have depended throughout history. We explore the special five gaits that these pure-bred Viking Horses can master, including the smooth, glide of the tolt. Traveling with local farmers, we take a traditional, fast-paced horse drive, as we drive a herd of fifty horses to Gullfoss, Iceland's "Golden Waterfalls." Next, we ride through a stunning area of deep red pseudocraters that are more than 4600 years old with Iceland's most famous rider, nicknamed Diddi or the Golden Rider. Finally, we check out the thriving nightlife in colorful, downtown Reykjavik. Rich history and wonderful culture are all part of the adventures in Iceland, the Pearl of the North.

Virginia Hunt Country
American history comes alive as we tour historic Virginia Hunt Country. We visit Middleburg and attend a steeplechase, ride amid Longhorn Cattle at Marriott Ranch, learn to play polo, experience Civil War history on horseback and meet Civil War rein-actors. At Marriott Ranch, we trail ride where presidents and world leaders have found respite among the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains. The ranch and its inn have a quirky history. Built in 1814 by James Marshall, brother of the first Chief Justice of the United States, the inn today is believed to be haunted. After jeep tour of the property, we ride through Paradise Valley among Longhorn Cattle, usually found in Texas, who have made their home in this scenic area. Next we discover how difficult 'the sport of kings' really is through a polo lesson at Great Meadow. Nearby, we attend the classic Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase and shop around in cute and quaint historic Middleburg. Virginia and U.S. history come alive, as we discover Civil War history on horseback by riding through battlefields at Kelly's Ford and by meeting Civil War Re-enactors from the Black Horse Troop.

California Wine Country
The diverse beauty of Sonoma is experienced riding through Redwoods, a vineyard, crashing waves on Northern California beaches and the golden meadows of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. With Pacific waves crashing on the shore, we fulfill many people's dream by taking a beach ride on the dramatic Northern California Coast. We venture among "old souls" through the giant Redwoods of Armstong Redwoods State Reserve on an eco-tour with naturalist Laura Ayers, whose intimate knowledge comes from growing up among these trees and raising and training Quarter Horses. At a local vineyard known for colorful equestrian history and award-winning Cabernets, we horseback ride through rows of grapes and learn about the art of wine making. We tour small-town Sonoma on a bike tour. We end the episode with a sunset ride through the golden grasslands and colorful madrones of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, with stunning views of Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Irish Countryside
We explore some of Ireland's most popular and historic sights, including the Ring of Kerry, a Celtic tomb in County Clare, Mount Juliet Estate, the Irish National Stud, and the monastic settlement of Glendalough. We're riding along the Ring of Kerry, but not on a traditional tour. We'll see the Ring of Kerry by horseback, the best way to take in spectacular views. With bright blue waters of Dingle Bay in the distance, we ride by area lakes and cottages abandoned during the potato famine as we climb to high elevations on an old mass road. In County Clare, we stay at a 300-year-old farmhouse in one of the more rural parts of Ireland. We relax by the River Shannon, ride to an ancient Celtic tomb and hear traditional Irish music at the pub. From rural bliss to sculpted decadence, we explore one of Ireland's great sporting estates on horseback. We fish and ride at Mount Juliet estate, before heading to County Kildare for an insiders tour of the Irish National Stud. It's here that many award-winning Thoroughbreds are bred. Outside of Dublin, we tour Glendalough, a monastic settlement dating back to the sixth century.

We ride from the summit to the floor of the crater of a volcano at Haleakala National Park, explore the cowboy town of Makawao and nearby Piiholo Ranch, learn about ancient Hawaii in the rainforests of Kipahulu, and take a sunset ride in the West Maui Mountains. Where else can you ride into the crater of a volcano! On to the island of Maui, we explore the unique geologic features of Haleakala Crater. Along the ride, we pass flora and fauna that have managed to thrive in this harsh environment, including the rare Silversword, a flowering silver plant which stands out amid the deep red and brown cinders of the crater. In the remote region of Kipahulu, accessed by the winding road to Hana, we ride with natives into the rainforest by the sacred sites where they grew up. Kipahulu is a rare place of pristine nature. The land and ways of life here are passed down to the Alaka'i or guides by their Kupuna or elders, who taught them how to survive and flourish off of the natural fruits of the land. Medicine and food are still gathered from the forest. After hearing the songs and prayers of our native guides, who ask for permission to enter the forest, we head up on the mountain trails. We snack on mango and passion fruit, picked off of the trees, as we ride up the green trails, passing wild cows and beautiful waterfalls. Next we explore the cowboy town of Makawao in Maui's Upcountry, before riding through deep gulches and green pastures with views of the ocean at Piiholo Ranch. We take a zip line tour before a sunset ride in the West Maui Mountains.

Costa Rica
We discover Pacific Coast beaches and the fertile farmland and lush forests of the San Carlos Valley as we ride Costa Rica. Mixing horseback riding with tree climbing and hot air ballooning, we capture the true spirit of adventure in Costa Rica. Riding gaited Paso Fino and Peruvian horses, we make a trek to the famously furious Arenal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. As smoke billows off the flowing lava, we ride among lava rocks from the 1968 eruption. Next, we travel to the beach, taking in Costa Rica's extreme biodiversity as we spot scarlet macaws, crocodiles and iguanas, right alongside the road. We live every rider's dream by taking a sunset ride on the beach, before heading back to San Carlos to climb a ten-story tree! Next, we enjoy getting in touch with the local culture, by riding in a Cabalgata, a horse festival where hundreds and sometimes tens of thousands of local Costa Ricans open up their farms so that riders can pass through them in a wild trail ride. We visit a frog sanctuary to view rare frogs, like the red-eyed tree Frog, and ride horses to a spot where howler monkeys make their home in the trees. Finally, we hear the rainforest wake up as we fly above it in a hot air balloon at dawn.

Kentucky is a state well known for its horses. We discover wildflowers, the old mill site and rolling green hills on the trails at Shaker Village on horseback. With Shaker Village's naturalist, we get the rare chance to ride horses through the center of this well-preserved historic village. We learn about Kentucky's agricultural past on a ride on smooth Tennessee Walking horses with a local resident, who is proud of her multi-generational farm and its heritage. We take on the trails at Land Between the Lakes and Barren River State Park in Western Kentucky, imagining what this land looked like at a time when Native Americans and buffalo roamed the tall grasslands of Kentucky. In Lexington, we see diverse breeds at the Kentucky Horse Park and attend a fast-paced, world-class equestrian competition. We also visit a Thoroughbred rehabilitation center, where horses from the racetrack are rehabilitated so that they may find new homes. We meet a very special horse, King D, who has made a positive change and is on the road to finding a new home.

We travel from Northeastern Arizona down to the border of Mexico, as we explore the diversity of this southwestern state. Down by the border of Mexico, we ride at a 300-year-old hacienda style ranch in the high Sonoran desert with a real cowboy guide. We ride to the highest peak in the area to take in views of the rolling hills of Mexico. Outside of Phoenix, we ride old gold mining routes and pan for gold with a modern day prospector in the Bradshaw Mountains. Next, we ride from a horse friendly bed and breakfast into the town of Cave Creek. This town is unique, as you can ride your horse instead of driving a car into town. We tie up our horses to a hitching post at a cowboy hangout for lunch, where we learn to cook a peach cobbler, Dutch oven style. Finally, we're led through snow covered Canyon de Chelly with Navajo guide Lee Bigwater, taking in the petroglyphs and cliff dwellings left by the Ancient Puebloans, also known as the Anasazi.

We visit the Cayo and Mountain Pine Ridge Districts of Belize, exploring Maya sites and caves and a variety of jungle lodges. Who knew that you could find a horse ranch in Belize? We ride some of the 100 horses at Banana Bank Lodge, a farm and ranch near the capitol city of Belmopan, with former Montana resident John Carr. Next we take on the jungle with Albert Garbutt, who points out medicinal plants that Belizeans use to treat everything from diabetes to sunburns. We climb high at the ancient Maya city of Xunantunich, near the border of Guatemala, before exploring Rio Frio Cave, where the Maya scarified everything from precious stones to humans. Blancaneaux Lodge, owned by famous director, Francis Ford Coppola, welcomes guests to experience an eco-friendly, self-sustaining resort in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. At Blancaneaux, fruits and vegetables are grown in an organic garden, the Privassion River provides hydroelectric power to the resort and horses are born and raised. We take a ride to Big Rock Falls, where we escape the heat of the jungle by taking a dip under a cool waterfall. At Mountain Equestrian Trails, we ride into the jungle to a wide field of wildflowers, great for riding fast on horseback, and a small, secret waterfall. At night, we fall asleep to the sounds of nature in our eco-friendly jungle cabana.

We explore Texas Hill Country, Fort Worth and North Texas, as we ride with modern day cowboys to learn about Texas horse culture. At Wildcatter Ranch, we feed giant longhorn cattle, before attempting to drive a wild group of fresh cattle across a stream. We explore the rich oil history of this area with guide Jay Brewer, who gives a genuine feel for this area where he grew up and that he loves dearly. Since everything is bigger in Texas, we learn how to season a big Texas steak- the best part being the taste test- at Wildcatter Ranch's restaurant. In Texas Hill Country, we ride at two different ranches to experience the trails in the Hill Country Natural Area, a popular place for locals and visitors to ride horses. We head to Fort Worth to attend the Fort Worth Stock Show, see the twice-daily cattle drive through the city streets and visit the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame.

Southern Quebec
Who knew you could horseback ride through the winter snow in Quebec? We explore snowy trails by horses, skis and dogsleds in the Eastern Townships, St. Alphonse-Rodriguez and Mont Tremblant. We learn about the French, British and American influences in the Eastern Townships by riding with Jacques Robidas. Jacques leads us through snow-covered trails on horseback, before teaching Darley how to drive a horse-drawn sleigh. As snow cascades down, we experience the picture perfect horse-drawn sleigh ride. Next, we explore the city of Montreal, sampling some French pastries in Old Montreal and getting an insiders look at the Canadian horses in Mont Royal Park, akin to New York's Central Park. We're introduced to Diablo, a stunning, black Canadian horse who patrols the park and the city. In Mont Tremblant we take a ski lesson, which ends in the picturesque village. We taste poutine, a Quebec comfort food, before experiencing an exciting dogsled adventure. At Ranch Mont Tremblant, we ride in the backcountry, experiencing the thrill of sinking into powdery snow off the trails. Finally, we visit the family owned Ranch 4 Saisons, where we horseback ride and slide in this hilly area.

We take on Utah's great outdoors as we ride at national and state parks throughout the state, including Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon, Capitol Reef and Antelope Island. We begin the episode on a ride into beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park to see the stunning hoodoos, sprinkled with a frosting of snow. We learn about the history of the pioneers as we wrangle bison on historic Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. Antelope, bison and a variety of wildlife roam this island, now a state park, with views of the stunning snow covered Rocky Mountains and Salt Lake City. After taking our time to drive scenic Highway 12, and we ride in lesser-visited Snow Canyon State Park through desert-like expanses with lava flows and towering white sandstone canyons outside of the city of St. George. Next, we experience Native American history on a ride to see petroglyphs and other rock art in colorful Capitol Reef National Park.

Southern Spain
Host Darley Newman explores Southern Spain on horseback, traveling to the Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, historic haciendas in Seville's countryside and the beaches of Donana National Park in Equitrekking Southern Spain. Darley takes a challenging lesson in dressage on an Andalusian horse, before heading to the fields to learn how olives get from the trees to the table in the charming town of Priego de Cordoba. On a ride to historic haciendas outside of Seville, Darley experiences an on the trail snack of traditional tapas with the locals. She and her new friends ride through the beautiful orange and olive groves in Seville countryside, before enjoying lunch at a traditional hacienda. Then it's off to the beach to enjoy the wilds of Donana National Park and canter on Donana's wide, deserted beaches.

Host and travel expert Darley Newman ventures from Highlands to Dumfries in the south to experience horses, adventure, history and culture in Equitrekking Scotland. In the Highlands, Darley rides strong Highland ponies through the romantic and heather covered mountains at Blair Castle. On horseback, Darley searches for the Loch Ness Monster and then takes a boat ride at Loch Ness. At Scotland's smallest distillery, Edradour, viewers learn how whiskey was traditionally processed and then join Darley for a golf lesson at Castle Stuart. In Scotland's Borders region, Darley horseback rides at a farm near Dumfries and visits the historic Globe Inn to toast Scotland's poet Robert Burns with a pint.

Quebec City and Beyond
Host and equestrian travel expert Darley Newman views the changing leaves of autumn in Quebec on horseback, traveling to Quebec City and the village of St. Fabien, the artist area of Charlevoix to enjoy riding in the forest and rock climbing and rivers and streams to pan for gold in the Appalachian Mountains. In Quebec City, Darley takes a break from the saddle to shop for organic food at the Old Port Market. Darley explores historic Place-Royale and Petit Champlain, before traveling to the quaint village of Saint-Fabien. At Ranch CR, Darley treks through rolling farmland, beaches and rugged woods to a high point and along the St. Lawrence River. In nearby Rimouski, Darley learns about one of the greatest tragedies in Quebec maritime history, the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. In the artist enclave of Charlevoix, Darley rides sturdy horses into the hills to a pristine waterfall.

Central Turkey
In Cappadocia in Central Turkey, host Darley Newman and local Ahmet Diler explore underground cities, ancient churches, unusual rock formations called fairy chimneys and historic villages on horseback. On foot, they trek through the colorful Avanos market and visit a master potter, before meeting a local family and trying ayran and Turkish tea in the historic village of Guzelyurt. Darley and Ahmet explore an underground city, learning about how Christians escaping persecution hid underground. Finally, Darley and Ahmet head to the town square to soak in the village culture.

In Wales, host Darley Newman gallops on wide, dramatic beaches to Neolithic tombs, castles and the pilgrimage site of King Arthur's Stone on the Gower Peninsula, viewing wild Welsh Mountain ponies and staying at Parc le Breos, a historic 19th century hunting lodge. In West Wales, Darley learns about life in this rural section of Wales from her local guide from Cae Iago, as they ride high in the mountains to take in views of the patchwork countryside. After exploring the mountains and valleys surrounding the Brecon Beacons National Park with Tregoyd Mountain Riders, Darley takes her horse for lunch at the pub in a quaint Welsh village. Then it's on Derwen International Welsh Cob Centre to learn about Welsh Cobs from Ifor Lloyd, whose family has bred Welsh Cobs for generations.

Host Darley Newman explores the great outdoors of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and around Denali National Park in Equitrekking Alaska. With local guides in each destination, Darley views wildlife on horseback in Seward, experiences gold rush history and the Chugach National Forest on horseback in Cooper Landing, boats the Kenai Fjords National Park to see whales, puffin and glaciers and whitewater rafts on the Nenana River around Denali National Park.

Equitrekking host Darley Newman travels to Alberta, Canada to experience Western adventure and stunning natural scenery. In Kananaskis, Darley treks amid the beautiful snow-capped Canadian Rockies with a longtime Alberta cowboy, conquering high altitudes and an August hailstorm. Next, Darley experiences the fast-paced Calgary Stampede with its equestrian competitions, Western art, rodeos and surprisingly diverse food offerings. North of Calgary, viewers ride along on a multi-day pack trip into Banff National Park, Canada's oldest national park, passing glacial-fed lakes through rushing mountain streams and forested trails that open up to reveal dramatic, tall mountain peaks. Darley camps in the wilderness, discovering what it takes to live in the primitive backcountry, and sleep out under the stars. At Homeplace Ranch, a historic ranch in the foothills outside of Calgary, Darley meets local Mac MaKenny who shares the ranch's intimate history during a ride through tall Aspen trees to an outdoor ranch BBQ.

Equitrekking host Darley Newman travels to Alberta, Canada to experience Western adventure and stunning natural scenery. In Kananaskis, Darley treks amid the beautiful snow-capped Canadian Rockies with a longtime Alberta cowboy, conquering high altitudes and an August hailstorm. Next, Darley experiences the fast-paced Calgary Stampede with its equestrian competitions, Western art, rodeos and surprisingly diverse food offerings. North of Calgary, viewers ride along on a multi-day pack trip into Banff National Park, Canada's oldest national park, passing glacial-fed lakes through rushing mountain streams and forested trails that open up to reveal dramatic, tall mountain peaks. Darley camps in the wilderness, discovering what it takes to live in the primitive backcountry, and sleep out under the stars. At Homeplace Ranch, a historic ranch in the foothills outside of Calgary, Darley meets local Mac MaKenny who shares the ranch's intimate history during a ride through tall Aspen trees to an outdoor ranch BBQ.

Equitrekking Turkey's Coast, Istanbul and Cappadocia
Host Darley Newman travels throughout the small, Middle Eastern country of Jordan to experience culture, history and adventure. While in the capital city of Amman, Darley's local guide Ibrahim leads to a bustling downtown market and shopping district. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, viewers learn about the history and characteristics of the Arabian breed in Darley's interview with HRH Princess Alia at the Royal Stables in Amman. From Amman, Darley heads to the Dana Nature Reserve, where she spends the night in an eco-friendly camp before riding through the historic stone village of Dana with a local. Next, Darley visits Madaba, a town known for its mosaics, before standing atop Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Holy Land. On a multi-day ride through the Wadi Rum Desert, made famous by the epic film Lawrence of Arabia, Darley learns about Bedouin culture as she treks on horseback and camelback. The episode ends in the ancient Roman city of Jerash where Darley, dressed in Roman garb, hops a ride on a horse-drawn chariot.

Jordan: Petra, Royal Stables & Dead Sea
This episode highlights some of the best of classic Jordan, including Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Mujib and the Dead Sea. Darley begins with a visit to the magical city of Petra, where she and her local guide Ibrahim explore by camel, foot and horseback, riding in the lesser-visited suburb of Little Petra and passing through the siq to catch the Treasury, made famous in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in the morning light. Darley learns about the local legends surrounding the Treasury and its contents, as she rides a camel by the Treasury. Next, Darley meets a longtime Petra resident, Marguerite van Geldermalsen. A New Zealander who fell in love with a Bedouin and lived in a cave in Petra for over 20 years, Marguerite shares her unique insight on Petra and Bedouin culture from the eyes of an outsider/ From Petra, Darley travels the Dead Sea Highway to the Dead Sea, where she floats in the mineral-rich waters at the lowest point on earth. Darley hikes Wadi Mujib, a huge water-filled canyon known to adventure travelers as an ultimate hike. Within Wadi Mujib, Darley is challenged to rappel down a waterfall, scale rocks and float through the canyon's corridors. Next, Darley heads to the desert, where she camps with local Bedouins and explores the stunning canyons, dunes and petroglyphs of Wadi Rum on Arabian horses. On a break from the desert, Darley travels to the Gulf of Aqaba, bordered by Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to snorkel above Aqaba's colorful reef.

Equitrekking host Darley Newman travels to the small South American country of Uruguay to discover gaucho culture by visiting various estancias, riding with cowboys on the beach, taking in the coastal town of Punta del Este and tasting local foods in Montevideo. At an eco-friendly ranch that raises sheep and cattle, Darley learns about the area's mystical vibe on a ride to a section of mysterious stone cones and up to a high point with views of a Tibetan monastery. Over a morning cup of mate, a special tea popular throughout Uruguay, Darley talks with a local about the tradition behind this caffeinated drink and the proper way to prepare it. Then it's off to the beach to visit the attractions of popular Punta del Este and a city stop in Montevideo to eat at Mercado del Puerto. Darley goes horse riding on the beaches of Uruguay's northern border near Brazil, hearing the legends of pirates who once raided the shores. At a working cattle ranch, viewers meet real gauchos, learning about the nomadic life of these South American cowboys. At a third working estancia, Darley rides through area vineyards and explores the rugged terrain of the Sierras of Mahoma on horseback.

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Host and producer Darley Newman shares her lifelong passion for horses and travel as she ventures around the globe in search of the best in equestrian travel in Equitrekking. As the first travel television series to discover spectacular destinations on horseback, Equitrekking ventures off the beaten path for a colorful look at unique spots around the world. Whether it’s watching the intricate dance of the enchanting Andalusian horses of Jerez, Spain or experiencing an inn-to-inn ride through Vermont’s country roads on the backs of Icelandic horses, Equitrekking will show travel from a whole new perspective.

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