Best of Simply Painting: Across Europe

VIDEO: Best of Simply Painting: Across Europe
VIDEO: Best of Simply Painting: Across Europe #CreateArts & Crafts

Frank Clarke

Prolific Irish artist Frank Clarke has taught millions the basics of painting through his public television series Simply Painting, as well as his best-selling books, videos, seminars and classes.

The Druid's Glen
Frank paints one of his favorite holes at Druids Glen, a golf course built near the site of an ancient Druid altar.

Celtic Cross and Church
Nestling in the foothills, Frank paints this iconic Irish subject in a quiet country graveyard.

The Cattle Raid of Cooley
Inspired by the epic "Tain" story, Frank paints a scene of a beautiful cottage on the rugged peninsula of Cooley.

The Morning Sun
Host Frank Clarke teaches how to paint a beautiful Canary Islands sunrise with watercolors.

The Bogs of Ireland
Frank spends a day on the Bog of Allen, then visits a fellow artist who creates works from 5000-year-old bog oak.

Step Back In Time
After a visit to historic Ferrycarraig in Wexford, Frank paints a ruined castle.

Swan Lake
A swan glides across the lake in the gardens at Gulzean Castle in Scotland forms the subject of this episode's lesson.

To Scotland By Boat
Frank traces the route of many Irish immigrants in the space-age cockpit of a jet-propelled ferry.

Older Than The Pyramids
The burial chambers at Newgrange are older than the pyramids in Egypt. Frank stops at various historical sites on his trip along on the River Boyne.

A Welsh, Welsh Castle
During his travels, Frank finds an original Welsh castle to paint.

The Pirate Queen's Watch Tower
Frank captures the mystique of 15th-century queen, once a feared pirate in Ireland

The Round Tower at Glendalough
A 6th-century Irish monastery nestled in the Wicklow mountains provides Frank with an interesting subject to paint.

Love Is A Rose
For the romantics, Frank demonstrates his unique way of painting a single rose.


Knappogue Castle

Galway Bay

Ennistymon Waterfall

In the French town of Rouen, Frank visits a ceramics museum, recalls Joan of Arc and paints a vase of daffodils.

The Fairy Bush

Chateau Balerory
Inspired by a chateau in the heart of the French countryside, Frank paints a yellow field with trees and a church spire.

Atlantic Ocean Scene
Off the coast of Clare, in the late evening sun, Frank demonstrates the finer points of creating an Atlantic seascape.

Frank stops at an art gallery in the lovely town of Portlaoise, and encounters some fellow artists outdoors. Painting: Portlaoise Lake and artist.

Doolin Seascape

Inish Boffin
At the offshore islands of Inishboffin, in Galway Bay, Frank visits a fort on a promontory and the westernmost point in Ireland. Painting: Navigation guide post in harbor.

Rock of Dunamase
At Dunamase Fortress, Frank tells a story of Ireland's Norman conquest. Stops include a 6th century round tower and Heywood Gardens. Painting: Dunamase Fortress.

Adare Riverscape
In the village of Adare in County Limerick, Frank visits Adare Manor and King John's Castle. The nearby Hunt Museum contains many famous paintings, sculptures and artifacts. Frank paints a scene of the River Maigue that runs through Adare.


Frank Clarke makes learning to paint with watercolors fun and easy in The Best of Simply Painting: Across Europe. Twenty-six episodes, culled from public television's Simply Painting Around the World, spotlight some of the most beautiful and enchanting places to paint in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and France. Clarke, one of Ireland's most sought-after and prolific painters, is a charming tutor who offers a blend of encouragement and practical instruction in each episode.

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