Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips is in his fourth decade of woodworking. He started in his father’s shop when he was 11. The first moneymaking projects were air-dried walnut shelves and boxes. These projects lead to furniture and restoration commissions. Furniture repair work quickly lead to a passion for antique furniture. Scott considers Chippendale and Shaker furniture styles his favorite source for design inspiration. His approach: study the best then make furniture using correct techniques.

Today Scott has a full-time woodworking enterprise that is founded upon his degree in forestry. “If you want to build great furniture you have to respect the woods,” he says. Scott is actively involved in habitat reforestation and riparian restoration projects.

A master woodworker with a thorough knowledge of his craft, Scott’s reverence for the intricacies of wood and its possibilities has helped make The American Woodshop a favorite among public television audiences over the past 15 years.

Look for articles about Scott and his woodworking projects, beginning with the September 2007 issue of Woodcraft Magazine. Scott is featured on the cover, along with a feature article on him and another he wrote on his “Salt Box” woodworking project. Upcoming issues of Woodcraft Magazine will feature the plans for six more of Scott’s woodworking projects featured in The American Woodshop.

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