Roger Cook

Roger Cook
While working as the landscape foreman for Frost and Higgins Company in 1982, he worked on the This Old House Bigelow house and the This Old House project in Woburn, Massachusetts. It was in 1988, during the This Old House Lexington Bed & Breakfast renovation, that Roger became a permanent fixture on the program. Roger lives with his wife and two children in a suburban cape home, which he and his family continue to renovate along with their cottage on Cape Cod. Roger's professional experience includes: owner of K & R Tree and Landscape Company, which he began in 1982; president of the board of directors of New England Grows; editorial board member of This Old House magazine, published by This Old House Ventures, Inc.; appearances on Ask This Old House and Inside This Old House. Roger's books include: contributor to , published by This Old House Books in conjunction with Sunset Books in 2004.

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