Christy Rost

Christy Rost
Christy Rost is a leading lifestyle expert on celebrating family and home. The author and longtime television host of her own television cooking/lifestyle show -- Just Like Home -- is also a national radio personality, culinary instructor, freelance writer, stylist, spokesperson, emcee and popular guest speaker who started her culinary career in 1992 as the food editor of a Dallas-area newspaper. Through her various platforms, Christy shows how to make one's home a comfortable sanctuary in an age of fast-paced, jam-packed schedules, information and high-powered technology that intensifies the stress of daily life.

In her countless television appearances and in her two cookbooks, she shares expert advice on how-to design and creates all the facets of a peaceful home. In Christy's first cookbook, The Family Table: Where Great Food, Friends, and Family Gather Together which was inspired by the Just Like Home TV series, Christy aims to inspire families, friends and neighbors to gather around the table to celebrate daily life and special occasions. Christy's newest cookbook, Where's My Spatula: Fast, Healthy Meals When Your Kitchen or Your Life Is A Mess, provides quick, easy recipes and solutions for getting delicious, nutritious meals on the table day after day. Christy knows first-hand about the messiness of life -- she developed the recipes and wrote this book while restoring an 1898 historic home in Colorado.

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