Burt Wolf

Burt Wolf
Burt Wolf is the host and author of nine internationally syndicated television series that deal with cultural history, travel and gastronomy. He was the first recipient of the James Beard Foundation Award for "Best Television Food Journalism," and has been nominated for two CableAce Awards and a national Emmy in connection with cultural history. His reports are videotaped entirely on location throughout the world. His programs have aired on public television, the Discovery Travel Network and networks in Canada, Latin America, Asia and Europe. News reports based on these programs were carried worldwide on CNN. His total audience is estimated at 200 million. During his 30 years as a journalist, he has written or edited more than 60 books including The Cooks’ Catalogue, which Time Magazine described as "the definitive book on cooking equipment." For a number of years he authored a weekly column for The Washington Post .

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